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Toe-Tally Tantric

Hey there grasshoppers! How goes the Toe-Tally new paradigm that your HOPEFULLY groovin on these days? Lovin it so far??? What about your Tantric explorations with your isolated cozy companion? Loveaaaaasss!!!! This IS the time for Foot focusing my dear followers! Look, if a peachy bottom sends your heart a flutter, those perky Girlfriends, OR, lithe legs. Feet, ankles, OR, toes ARE gettin extremely Fetishy these days. Why? Because WE ARE ALL spending exuberant amounts of time on the reservation with our socks and shoes off, AND, they're gettin noticed like never before! Very common, BUT, (Ta Da!) often unjustly misunderstood; a Foot Fetish IS the pure admiration of feet, to the point that the Fetishist finds Sexual pleasure in playing with, lavishly licking, Seductively sucking, visually admiring over, OR, rousing stimulation to your naked pair of racers!! Those with this blessed condition WILL choose to add the element of feet to ALL Sensual ingredients, whether in massage, solo invigorating appeal, friendly foreplay, OR, the actual Tantric Sacred Union! Sooooo, just what IS the cause of this Toe-Tally Tantric Fetish anyway? I believe it derives from an early Sexual experience where you've had Sensual pleasure using your ground runners, AND, therefore, made an Erotic association in your beaner, linking tootsies to titillations. BUT, (as you must know) other Sister's and brother's believe that it's a fact that your horny hooves are seen as disgustingly dirty, AND, trailing with smell, which therefor would be delinquent to Sexualize them at all! The naughty, forbidden element surrounding seeing those 10 toed sand diggers as a Sensual, OR, Sexual body parts, makes them all that much more attractive. Listen, most of you brother's with a ground paw fetish? This ISSSSS the act of submission that brings the thrill to your drill dudes!!! Touching those little piggy's, OR, being at a dominating partner’s painted pretty's in a submissive act, WILL bring a feeling of surrender, AND, giving in to greater AUTHORITY AND POWER!!! This ISSSSSS A HUGE libido lift for many seekers for the Tantric Sensual Arts. LET'S GO DEEP HERE SHALL WE? Is it a subconscious interpretation of fairytales told to us in childhood? You know, the positive influence of Sexy shoes in stories like Cinderella, which focused on "OH JOY" stemming from the fit of a glass slipper on a perfectly preened Princess pod? OR? Could it branch out from The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s magical red pumps which brought VIRTUOUS TREASURES? Hmmmm, it could just be down to the more modern research in which Sexy Scientists realized that your noodle HAS genitalia, AND, feet that are sitting very closely together breaks news out to the Einstein ball on the top of your shoulders to map out body parts so a neurological crossover could be cited! Makes complete sense to my marbles!!!! It WAS said by a world famous neurologist, AND, our founder, AND, friend of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, that people Sexualized those park marathoners. WHY??? Because they resemble penises! Holy hell's bell's!!! Well, for all one knows, some foot Fetishists would agree, OR, perhaps not; BUT, (without a doubt) with feet frequently having the vital role of carrying us through life, AND, therefore, backpacking life’s load, it's no Goddess damn wonder they're seen as something to be celebrated! While some people are grossed out by the thought of suckin on sneaker material, it’s an incredibly intimate act, AND, WILL (believe me) be extremely Sexy, THAT ISSSSSS? If it's done THE TANTRIC WAY PEOPLE! We’ve all had that ‘Ahhhh Goddesssssss moment when gettin your pavement pads rub right? Well Lovelies, just visualize that, BUT, (hello) a lot warmer, wetter, AND, with a happier outcome. Suckin the phalanges feels SOOOOOO F****IN good because we mortal HAVE tonnes of nerve endings at the tip of our appendages that roam the landscapes of this planet, IN FACT? We Sister's and brother's HAVE more confident fortitude per square centimetre in our Sexy socks than any other part of our body; plain, AND, Toe-Tally simple! All of these encouraged endings ARE ripe for stimulation, AND? Well, with the right technique, AND, of course the right romping partner, it WILL take your foreplay from one to ONE HUNDRED in a matter of minutes!!!! Here ARE my easy steps (Tee Hee, pardon the pun!) to? FIRST CLASS FOOT FORNICATION!!! Look Loveaaaaassss, your ball room dancers need foreplay; SOOOOOOO, DO NOT just dive straight in for the jugular of suckin!!! Why? Because, the likelihood of laughter WILL increase, that's gonna diminish Sensuality in a heart beat!!! Pay attention!!!!! Start off with a foot massage, working your fingertips into the skin with soft, circular movements. My suggestion? Add an edible rub down oil, OR, something slippery for an added glide. THEN? Introduce the lip action which ISSSSSS mouth to foot in this case. Listen grasshoppers, once your partner IS chillaxed, AND, used to the tingly vibes of havin their muck lucks played with; then you can introduce your kisser!!!! Just butterfly those lips, lick, AND, nibble first, then slowly make your way towards their lower digits. Start with the big toe because the big toe ISSSSS, well, the biggest, so it’s easy peasy to start that way. Gently, AND, I mean SLOWWWWWLY take your partner’s biggy into your horny harbour, AND? Start sucking!!!!!! Remember Lovelies, gauge your accomplice's reactions to see if you're on track, OR, not. Tips of the trade? Take time out to ask "is this ok", OR, "do you like that", is not only MANDATORY, BUT, (hooray!!) IS a SUPREME way to MASTER what works for your Loveaaaaaaaa!!!!! A crucial point of protocol before you start ISSSSSS? DAAAAAA, you better make sure that the Sexy sprinters ARE meticulously clean; SOOOOO throw in that romantic shower together. Cleanin up before you get down, AND, Sensual ISSSSS the Tantric way to foot play!!!! Do you Toe-Tally get it now???? Enjoy the Long weekend people!!! oxoxoxoxoxo

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