Goddess With Free Rein

Hey Loveaaaasss!! Whatda know about the FEMININE origins of The Statue of Liberty? You probably don't even realize HER true essence do you? Well, I'm not from the states, (thank Goddess) BUT, (let's get to it) what we're NOT taught in North American schools ARE the truly significant Goddess Gospel poops regarding that Sister of Free Rein! Those pertinent facts of the matter that remain largely unknown revolve around the true Herstory of the representations inception as well as the meaning, AND, significance behind the FEMALE TORSO standing in New York!!! French sculptor, Frederic Bartholdi, designed HER. Good ol' Freddy DID NOT originate the concept of the image. Its creation for libe

3 Hinges of Sex

Hiya grasshoppers! How strong are your hinges on your Sexy doors? Listen, Sex recurrently draws us into an alliance, AND, then? Helps keep cozy coherence alive Loveaaasss! BUT, (without fail) what the hell IS good La La anyway? If you're always lookin at the images that bombard most people in society every day from magazines, AND, movies, good Pushy Pushy IS instantaneous, BETTER BE ENTIRELY mutual, cataclysmic, AND? Is always best at the very beginning of an Erotic exchange. In the matter of fact here? Tons of surveys tell us that in real life, Sister's and brother's in long term horny hookups who can talk openly about their SEX life? Well, they HAVE more, AND, better plum pie than

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