The Royal Feminine

Shalom people! Tell me; have ya ever heard someone say to a new Mom's baby, "Oh what a cute little boy", because tinnie winnie was swaddled in blue? Well, any sexy stork transporting the goods to a soon to be Ma or pa these days, IS, (doubtless), aware that items designed for little Queen's are commonly pink, AND, those meant for baby bro's are blue. BUT, (to start things off) it WAS NOT always this way people! It may not seem recent, BUT, (tee hee) as the early 1900's, the flushy blush WAS pored over by many as a horny hue that took a rise above the veil with boy bambinos, AND, Indigo as a colour that correlated with iddy biddy Goddesses. Think about it grasshoppers! Pink IS a teasing

Sexual Empathy

Hey there you groovy grasshoppers! Today I wanna extend some sympathy to you all, AND, light the torch for a toasty warm, compassionate appreciation for SEX! Those Sister's and brother's who are sooooooo sensitive emotionally when it comes to sexual energy ARE called Sexual Empaths. AND, with them? Ha! There's NO SUCH THING as casual quickies, F***ED up fantasies, OR, raunchy pushy pushy, EVER! During La, La, Lovemaking, those energies mingling ARE considered to THEM, to be SACRAMENTAL, EVER GODDESS DAMN TIME! When you sexually connect with these Loveaaaassss, you MUST learn CHOP CHOP, to pick up both precarious and frolicking ravishment from them, AND, you'll often get intuitions abo

Oral Congress

Grasshoppers! How the hell are ya anyway? What can we dust off the tablets today about the Herstory of blowjobs? Well, it IS now due time to bone up on those sacred butterfly wings! Real mouth fulls are a staple in, AND, out of the sexy sac! So, tell me somethin; have ya ever thought about the rich Herstorical legacy of this MOST FAMOUS form of foreplay? Even though playin the flute hasn't exactly been a topic of conversation up until (if you can believe it) a few decades ago; it HAS been a deservedly popular sex act for thousands of lifespans. Sooooo, without further ado, the bountiful Herstory of the glorious game of suckin the royal chrome off of a steel plated automobile bumper! T

Orgasm Whisperer

Hello my Lovelies! Tell me, you must ALL know about the skillful practice of horse whispering right? Well, you CAN bridle just about anything that you feel has the urgency to be trained and tamed; EVEN THE BIG O'S! Orgasm whispering, as I prefer to call it, IS about PAYING ATTENTION to your friendly Love, Love, Love bits sexy steam, AND, re-establish a connection of, calm composure, confidence, AND, trust in order to take back the reins to drive that racing galloper so to speak! Those who practice this craft understand how to read the body language of their Loveaaaaaa AND, are fully aware of the psychology to do so. A lot of the time we Sista's and kin, develop changed sexual behaviours

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