Morning Jet Fuel

Good Goddess glorious day people! How did you wake up this morning? Draggin your ass outa bed? Rolling over just to hit that F***in snooze button? Sisters, brothers; pidder padder, let's get atter! I wanna tell ya all, why rise 'n' shine sex WILL jet fuel you up to a better place than coffee; because getting up to get off just makes more sense, health wise of course! DO YOU KNOW what our cave tribe ancestors did every Goddesses damn first blush after waking up? They got it on people! Yepper peppers; because it was actually a possibility back then, that the manlike specie might be polished off while he was out stalking animals for cavern cuisine. Our primitive forerunners got the b

Spiritual Consent

Kissin the day to all you sexy ones out there! Still complying to the skeletal constitutional BULLSHIT, when it comes to reaching YOUR spiritual path for enlightenment? AND, does it seem just a tad rigid at times, when it DOES NOT need to be that way people?! Reaching the light of awakening by consenting to the old, dusty societal orders WON'T properly ascend human evolution grasshoppers! Today I wanna authorize a blank check for you all; for prospects relating to taking back control over ones own extensive mind, sensual body, AND, sacred spiritual consciousness, from those mortal characters and negative mind squatters who have ABUSED the law of structure on this drifting gypsy body of o

Indigo's - The Feminine Incarnates

My intuitive, sensing sages! Feeling that ongoing shift? It's just begun grasshoppers! This IS quite the roll we've been on for the past 100 years! I'm not gonna make no mistake about it, BUT (standard procedure), today’s children being born, ARE the Masters of a new species! They're not like us anymore, AND, they actually remember more from their subconscious realm when they come in through their incarnation. Who they are is NOT the question here. What to execute in this life, AND, knowing exactly just how to pull that off IS a no brainer to them, AND, for those of us Indigo adults either! They're a more purer vibration of love (Feminine Energy), which is unconditional, AND, indispu

Horny Goat Weed

Hola, hola lovelies! Have you ever grown an herb garden before? That's a negative you say? Well, I'd once again like to be heroic, by betting all my baskets of eggs, that after reading today's sexy skinny; you'll be staking out an area in next years green acres for the reigning patch for horny herbs! Horny goat weed (goat weed) IS an herb that has been a traditional remedy in China (clever little nips) for centuries! It’s used for hangin low libido's, dysfunctional stiffy's, collapsed liveliness, thinking life is agony, AND, a horrendous handful of other sexually dysfunctional conditions. Notice I said conditions; THEY TO WILL PASS, IF, you keep one foot in front of the other, by follo

The Fempire

Hello loveliessss, AND, I do consider you all definitely lovely!!! Gotta potboiler for ya today that just might raise your brows, BUT, (then again) I've created tons of wrinkles on astonished foreheads! You see, Herstorically once upon a time, men ventured out to hunt animals (meat); while the Ladies in waiting stayed behind to dust the caves, congregate and swarm the berry patch, AND?? Raise VERY F****** hairy children! This IS the story we've told ourselves for tens of thousands of Goddess damn years! This seems to explain why men THINK they rule (the UN-ruling is about to come down the F******* pike people!) the world; at the same time the soon to be REIGNING QUEENS have been consi

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