Ocular Interstellar Course

Hey you eyeful of charmers! Tell me this hasn't happened to you before, AND, that it won't F***IN bump into you again. You're in a crowded bar, social club, OR, even when you're out and about in your daily life's journey, when outta the blue? Your persuasive watchers accidentally catch the noticing gaze of a Sexy ass stranger; you know Girlfriends, one like Bradley Cooper for instance! A bolt of F****IN electricity zaps through your Goddess damn body, AND, your horny button IS suddenly turned on. What next? Proceed with the art of eye Sex Loveaaaas! Wanna get the run down on Sexual surveillance for the next time you fasten your bullets onto a faceless hotty? My Sexpert advise toda

!!! Erotic Orgy Holiday !!!

BE MINDFULLY AWARE OF TODAY'S HIDDEN MESSAGE!!! Hey there you wondrous, willing to WAKE UP group of Lovelies! Here we go again right; just another year of shifting into the truth that rests behind Ishtar's (Easter's) yearly Sex Ordinance. Are we re-positioning our points of view on this topic grasshoppers? Well, all I know ISSSSS that this time of year gives me the competent opportunity to refresh the minds that have been manipulated THUS FAR! Anyway, I’m F***IN sick, AND, tired of it. Ishtar (Easter) IS all about rebirth on ALL human levels INCLUDING SEXUAL, AND, the parables in THE GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN around Jesus’s resurrection ARE FULL of SEXUAL innuendo, no??? So tell

The Sexy Supplement

Hey, hey, hey you horny hummingbirds! You male followers out there ARE gonna Love, Love, Love me today! Why? Because you just should anyway (Tee Hee). I'm gonna give the thumbs up to daily blowjobs, ONLY, to enhance our Girlfriends health of course; SOOOOO, don't get stuck in your stupid ego's here guys; it's NOT all about you, get it! More often than not, Sister's and brother's have wisecracked that the swallowing of male tonic is good for your teeth, AND, health, BUT, (La, La) is it true? Nutritiously it is, BUT, (Ta Da!) it cums with a premium people! Before I move on with this salty delight, it's important to know that some Doll Faces are actually allergic to the Goddess Damn st

The Fem Gem

Hey Lovely ones! All IS Femininely abundant I trust? It HAS to be, you see, in the Tantra way of life, the Divine Soft energy IS our Yin, The Lunar, Her Shakti, OR, even the Docile Slackness that EVERY human being has within them, REGARDLESS of gender. BUT, (just to rally the ball on ya's) opposing that for centuries, we've had the masculine solar, the yang, shiva, AND, that over progressive oscillation basically sabotaging the Gentle Girly Grid. All through our culture the values of the gallant essence, the power of producing the go, go, going, AND, the do, do, doing over the Effeminate IS STILL taking over. Pay close F***IN attention here! After all this Goddess damn time of me spewi

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