Bra Burning Bonfire

What's happenin grasshoppers! Listen, I don't know about you, BUT, (to get off to a flyin start) for most Women, there's NO better feeling at the end of an arduous day than bolting home, AND, rippin off their bras. BUT, (as you must know) most of our Sister's are STILL wearin 'em, because? They ALL think that it can keep The Twins young, AND healthy. Pay attention Girlfriends! Sexy Scientists have recently VERIFIED that there’s no Goddess damn solid reason to have to strap yourself in at all! Leave it to this French Professor, of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Besancon, to reveal that Lily Pads are NOT necessary for our Doll Face's Breast health. Yepper, peppers, according t

Dowsing Sexual Energy

Hello you Sexually uniformed community! Tell me, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get specific concrete answers to all your burning inquisitions about an intimate partners' SEX life before you ever have/had La La with them? What about understanding your own authentic Sexual purpose; when it comes to your Sexual identity that is? How F***IN awesome would it be if there WAS a piece of chocolate cake way to get that guidance you needed to navigate your life of Pushy; when the SO CALLED genuine answers from your arousing accomplice in the moment, just doesn't seem to be as scrupulous as they should! Well, actually there IS Lovelies! It’s called Sexual Dowsing. Do ya really wanna find the

The Daughter of Goddess

Hey rabbit hole followers! I don't know about you guys, BUT, (as a FIRM believer) in ALL things Feminine; I gotta doozy for ya's today! A recent team of archaeologists discovered artifacts near the wall in Jerusalem's ancient City of David that NOT ONLY shows evidence that Jesus actually existed (as we ALL do know), BUT, (Ta Da!) that he WAS a SHE!!!! I bet ALL of my stashed water supply containers that the F****IN pope (he doesn't deserve a capital D) fell off his perch with that leaked divination!!! This people, ISSSS what I call a MARVELOUS discovery making it, NOT ONLY the earliest known evidence for our Ancient Healers voice, BUT, (to know end) this reveals that Jesus WAS actually o

Pyramid Healing Properties

Followers! Are ya's just about on the brink of elevating yourselves to even higher realms of evolution? You damn well better be, otherwise stop reading my sexy scriptures!!! After today, you're ALL gonna redesign at least one room in your living quarters, OR, apply for a building permit for your backyard project to depict the exclusiveness of a Pyramid. Why? Pyramid Power IS based on the thesis that their shapes, assembled to the range of the Great Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, WILL generate energy that produces astonishing prosperity WITH YOUR HEALTH! A thriving number of scholarly scientists, parapsychologists, AND, kitchen sink experimenters ARE discovering that a Pyramid pattern of arc

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