The Horny Green Genius

Hello Lovely ones! Today I wanna share some sexy revelations by goin back when I use to hang my bikini in Costa Rica. If any of you have every been in the arms of Paradise; you'll know what I'm talkin about. I don't know about you, BUT, (movin right along) all the flourishing surroundings of MY every day view in the promise land's beauty; I often wondered why I was so Goddess damn horny all the time! Well, it just so happens that green HAS more possible connotations and symbolic uses than any other colour in the whole wide world! Green means get goin Lovelies! It's the colour of Lust, AND, it stands for an environmental movement. Everyone must know (if you grew up in the 70's) that if

Sexy Shrooms

What's up Lovelies! Gimme your input on this will ya's! Dontcha think that Scientists SHOULD have access to illegal psychedelic drugs LIKE SHROOMS to aid them in mind exploration? Well, according to a government's former drug Dutch Uncle Professor (zippin my lips of who pray tell that was). He said that methodical delving into the deepest mysteries of the human noggin, including consciousness and mental illness, HAVE been ON PURPOSE curtailed from US of course, by the F***IN prohibition of those budding bursts of bliss! Are you F***IN kiddin me! Like no shit Sherlock's! The feds HAVE been keeping the dissection of dope under wraps from US with hallucinogenic since the beginning of tim

Alter Your DNA With Yogic Sex

Well hello grasshoppers! How's your path movin along these days to TRUTH people? Are you re-calibrating the guidelines with it? Well you BETTER BE or you're just staying tied up in the systems F***IN straight jacket like 85% of the people on this Gypsy's garden of ours! Our ancient tribal ancestors NEW BETTER by practicing a SPECIFIC Yogic discipline DURING SEX! Yeppers peppers! This self mastery which evolved BTW from Eastern (particularly India) countries, HAS long been associated with a remodeled sex life, AND, metamorphosing our DNA to its embryonic form! NOW Loveaaaass! The breeze HAS blown in, that Yoga WILL alter our DNA, accelerated BY SEX! Those suckers ARE the molecules

Feminine Breath

To all you grasshoppers out there! When was the last time you thought about how and when you breathe? Biologically speaking, gasping for air IS a rhythmic, involuntary performance supervised by the body right? Most of us do IT about 12 to 20 times per minute. It’s a kinda requirement on the standard "STAY ALIVE" checklist no? Like daaaaa yaaaaaa! BUT (to get my crystal ball rollin) spiritually speaking? Your ventilation system IS far more than that; particularity WHILE HAVING SEX WITH A WOMAN of course! There IS a power of using THE FEMININE BREATH (which you men NEED TO LEARN) to access higher realms of awareness during La, La. It's SOOOOOO underrated that I'm about to write the G

!!! The Sexy Souvenir !!!

My Lovely ones! Tell me somethin; when was YOUR last inspired sexy souvenir of visionary ingeniousness? Can't recall you say? If that was your come back, it's UNACCEPTABLE in my sexy school for The Love Art's; go to the corner! Sister's, brother's; listen up! It's NO secret that creativity IS libidinous. People all over the world rank artistic creativity as THE MOST highly desirable quality in an adorn accomplice, AND, those horny hummingbirds who are innovative across a WIDE variety of fields, report being MORE sexual with their LOVEAAAAAA!! What moon landing is this game being played on? Well, specifically, disciplines such as visual arts, flirtatious acoustics, (my favourite) ho

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