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Libido of The Sea

Hey, hey, what's up you Libido Laced Loveaaaaasss!? Tell me something; what if you took the texture of melted ice cream, added the briny flavour of algae, took a long gulp, AND, asked yourself if you felt Sexy afterwards? Well, the Sister's and brother's of Jamaica, AND, other Caribbean countries are sayin ya man! All across the pristine turquoise coloured waters, Irish moss IS hailed as a wonder seaweed, touted for its abilities to moisturize, vitalize, AND? Most notably, increases the human Libido! No wonder Bob Marley had 11 kids!!! Native to Ireland, the algae moss IS jammed packed with nutrition; 10% protein, AND, 15% mineral matter. Back during the Irish potato famine of the mid 1800's, the kindred kelp helped nourish the country’s starving constituents.

This Sexy Ocean Grass WAS brought by The Luck of Irish immigrants to Jamaica man! AND? It NOW appears on the island’s rocks as well as in an elixir that’s notorious among MOSTLY men, BUT, (Ta Da!) Girlfriends are NOW seeking a boost in the bedroom with it as well! I RELIGIOUSLY drink that shit everyday people! Wash it up add almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, OR, whatever your horny heart desires!

Irish Sea Moss ISSSS known for increasing Sexual energy, AND Lovelies???? It promotes healthy male Sexual missions of hopefully possible, due to the GENEROUS amount of zinc, AND, other minerals that ARE VITAL for healthy reproductive occupations!!!! The Libido of The Sea IS great for any grasshopper who desires an increased Sex drive, period end of Sexy story! Why? Because, its anti inflammatory properties promotes circulation throughout your entire Gardens of Eden, ESPECIALLY? YOUR SACRED SEXUAL PARTS! For you dudes who ARE experiencing challenges with Pushy power problems, stale stamina, floppy dick syndrome, AND, other peculiar penis predicaments? Consider consuming the oceans best, REGULARLY!

Living in, OR, even visiting the Caribbean IS a lot like being back in high school; Sexual energy abounds. At times the tension in the hormone charged atmosphere IS SOOOOO palpable it feels as if it could be cut with a knife! Look, if you've ever gone to the Sea Sanctuaries of the world; you may not immediately recognize the source of the pervading energy. BUT, (listen up) once your ear IS attuned to the local twist on the English language, the Sexual innuendos, AND, overtones ARE definitely apparent in an everyday conversation! JUST PAY ATTENTION!!!!

To back up all the talk, these healthy havens ARE home to a veritable cornucopia of Libido enhancing magic potions as well. These Love, Love, Love elixirs ARE for keepin the guys with BIG, BEAUTIFUL BONERS, OR, as they say in Jamaica? Keep your back strong! SOOOOOO, this latest Lust liquid enhancing philosopher's stone I've swam up to after being in the Dominican Republic before the BULLSHIT of lockdown WAS Sea Moss. Better known as Irish moss, it's a type of peat quag that grows naturally in the southern Caribbean, AND, ISSSS cultivated throughout the islands. Stories abound about the power of this slimy ocean vegetable. It's known for being a romance enhancer; it off sets the effect of drinking alcohol, AND, ISSSSS widely known for its Sexual health benefits, AND, its ability to restore your vim AND, vigour in the Sak!!!

My 1st encounter of the 9th kind came when I found this Lovely Lichen on the beach during my 1st morning jog on my holiday; I just had to gather that shit up and bag it. This Dominican guy (of course) since I HAVE a way with men, came up to me and said, "I gotta a recipe for that stuff that'll rip your panties off!" What possibly could go wrong, right? This chocolate chunk of manhood invited me over to his place for breakfast and he boiled the Sexy swamp stash down, AND? Presto, Love, Love, Love potion number 9! He brewed it up with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, AND? A F***IN grin from ear to ear! After removing (not my panties) BUT, (Tee Hee) the spices, the resulting liquid cooled down then turned into a Jell-O like mush. He said he had to make the final drinking product tolerable by adding cane sugar, AND, organic Dominican Caoco powder; then he handed it to me in a tall glass. Hmmmm, then what?

Bet you're wondering if the concoction really works, huh? Nudge nudge wink wink, know whatahmean? Sorryyyyyyy no kissin, n' tellin! Try it for yourself my tribe!

Be healthy, happy, AND, horny; not necessarily in that order.


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