Sisters, brothers; do you ever feel like you're convoluted, right in the midst of your journey while navigating the course of your individual life? Ya you say? Well, there's a damn good reason why, AND, I'm gonna nourish your understanding of why the hell that is! We ARE ALL being compelled, AND, REMINDED constantly by the Spiraling Feminine Cyclone of life! Does SHE have a positive meaning for every culture? Could it be because we, on this TINY GYPSY'S VIBRATIONAL LAND MASS, that we live in an encompassing galaxy? You WILL find evidence of HER Helical, in the art of almost ALL cultures, from ancient primitive rock carvings on ALL continents, to today’s modern logos and ads. SHE sho

! Arm Wrapping !

How's it goin lovelies? Have you had your big ol' bear squeeze yet today? Well, DID YOU KNOW that hugging IS becoming a common health movement lately? So, with that said; would it be natural to think that the act of hugging itself can't really be inherently linked to happiness or healthy well being; in the same way relationships are for example? It could just be a temporary behavioural phase in our culture, right? BUT (to no end), embracing IS in fact just an extended form of a fundamental human need, TOUCH people! The importance of human touch IS a topic that IS coming up short as far as an opened powwow is concerned! AND? It’s deeply disturbing, for me anyway, that a lot of our S

Effeminate Moon

Hey lovelies! How was your (with hope) energetic week after THAT last extravagant 2 day heavenly Goddess body? Today's pocket size dissertation IS all about the Feminine energetic vibrations contained in Moonlight, AND, the Moon Herself! This IS the PERFECT time for the jumping off point of huddle hearings for the Divine Feminine. The naked Goddess DAMN Gospel here people? This has ALWAYS been the deeper, underlying current, flowing through all the veins of my writings. There's soooooo much written about this subject, AND, it’s a bit of a controversy minefield, WHY? BECAUSE, debates about the Divine Feminine WILL more than often turn into a Royal Curtain of Fire about Female suppressi

A Dozen Eggs

Hey lovelies! I gotta say; me, yepper peppers, the late bloomer that I am, HAS JUST explored the rose quartz egg for reconditioning, AND, retraining my Beautiful Yoni. I singled out the blushing jewel, BECAUSE of the energy I absorb from that pinkish gem, which BTW holds healing powers to transform, AND, maintain youthful Feminine stamina. Soooo, I signed myself up! The practice of inserting a sacred bead into the Wings of Wonder IS thousands of years old. IN FACT, the secret rite WAS TO BE only used by the Women of the royal court in China. Sisters of your own forum; don't keep all your eggs in one basket I say! Listen up Doll Faces! Girl friends who practiced this Sexual Kung Fu ba

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