Orgasm Gap

Hi you horny honey's! Today I'm gonna drop notes about the REAL reason Women get off less often than men, AND, how WE ARE ALL gonna fix this F****** predicament! The canyon between Women's and men’s, AND, the frequency of orgasm IS impacted by social forces that give some sort of BULLSHIT privileges only to male pleasure. According to a large scale survey of North American adults, the worlds Queens have about one orgasm for every three a man gives thrill to. Simply labelled the orgasm gap, BUT (no shit!), I prefer to call it, a PREJUDICE RIPE OFF! This HAS been a bone of contention ever since US Feminists identified it during the heyday of the sexual revolution! There tends to be an e

The Yellow Brick Road To Ozma

Truth seekers! How are you all this week? Today I'm instigating a tornado; where we'll all be off to see the Wizardess; the wonderful Wizardess of Ozma! Let's dissect this legendary fairy tale shall we! It just so happens that a strong and adventurous Heroine, conveniently appeared at a time in the world, when Women were just finding their lovely voices, succeeding the repression of the domination of patriarchy of course! This fabulous flick pronounced a new epoch for the Feminine principle, to be RETRIEVED AND REVIVED from our psyche, AND, integrated BACK into our F****** civilization! Though it may appear to be a simple one for the birds; it's laden with symbols from the most ancien

Drum Sex

What's up people! Tell me something; how much attention do you pay to your loveaasss heart beating when you're composing instrumental LOVE, LOVE, LOVE? Well, if you're not gravitating your amps toward your horny honey's thump pump grasshoppers; then you're missing an imperative element for internal healing! Sisters, brother; it's drum roll time in the sexy sak! Bringing in thunder tribal sounds of drums into the shrine for Shangra La, WILL help us to take notice of our own pleasure pounder. It's those pulsating throbs that keep us extant and indispensable loveaaasss! We had no other choice, BUT (it was on its way), to eavesdrop, AND, live with that recital for 9 F****** months in our

The Coregasm

Loveaassss! I'm trusting that you're all doing well? Today I wanna GET DOWN to the core when it CUMS to Female orgasms! You must have heard by now, about exercise induced frenzies, no? Really, you haven't? Shame, shame, triple shame on you Girls! I'm talkin about coregasms you horny Crones! Listen, I've heard of them, AND, always thought that the coregasm was an urban myth, kinda like the hard up unicorn; you know, the trappings of fairy tales and legends. BUT, (to my surprise!) just the other Goddess damn day, my own corenagraphic experience transpired at the gym! Let me tell ya grasshoppers; I've learned a few things about this very REAL phenomenon! So of course, I started c

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