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!!! Listen Up !!!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Gotta Love, Love, Love those pleasure zones right? Like your Goddesses Sexy snug Clitoris, AND, those Nipples that like airplay! BUT, (TA DA!) where’s all the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for our lobes? Well, as you must know, I researched this enigma AND? Ha, I found out that those little ring holders ARE consistently rated as one of the top 10 hot spots for both Doll Faces, and men! You got it people, those remarkable apparatuses on either side of your beaner ARE an incredibly sensitive organ with TONS of MOXIE! Of course, your listeners render more than just satisfying physical sensations; they ARE mentally transformative. Hearing ISSSSS one of the best ways to stay in the moment, AND, get out of your head. Look, we ALL know how important it is to get your Einstein Ball in the game; that ISSSSSS, when it comes to Nooky. Sooooo, with that in mind, here's a few Sexy Schemes to try in the chamber where you have IT bad for someone!!! Listen up grasshoppers!

Take turns givin each other an ear massage. You're gonna do it like this my tribe, SO PAY ATTENTION!!! Use your thumb, AND, pointer finger to GENTLY rub the other person’s earlobes in a circular motion. Then? After about 20 seconds or so, keep it rollin, by slowly glossing around the outer backside of those sound boards from the base, right up to the top. Work around the cap, AND, over to the front, paying special attention tooooooooo? The ridge just above the auditory canal. Stay with me here people!! So next, you wanna GENTLY pop in your director's tactile choice, BUT, (LISTEN UP) just partially into your partner's sweet nothings (not in so far that you plug the damn thing), AND, press with your thumb facing downward. Massage the whole area in an arc, from top to bottom. This range IS connected to the vagus nerve. WHAT'S SO IMPERATIVE ABOUT THAT YOU SAY? Well, the vagus nerve travels from your Sexy skull streaming ENERGY downward through into the heart, nipples, AND? Yup, THE Gorgeous Genitals! My investigation into this HAS shown that the vagus nerve ISSSSSSS in cahoots with? Hello, THE FEMALE ORGASM; WHICH ISSSSS, BTW, THE MOST INFLUENCIAL PHENOMENON IN THIS WHOLE FUCKING WORLD!!! To finish up, SENSUALLY stroke your partner’s skin, starting at the collar bone, going up along the scruff of the neck, circling around those WISDOM BALL amplifiers, AND, then hiking on back down to the choker cartilage. You gotta repeat this a few times on each side to get the best results here grasshoppers! If the rolfing was a hit, that's when you MOVE ON to kissin! Stroke your partner’s horny hair away from their SHOULD BE NOW horny ears. Then? Alternate lip Lovin, AND, flickin your licker (either side-to-side, OR, up-and-down) beginning at Bertha's neck band to the base of your top story podium, then? Back up the strait and around those listeners in the same path I mentioned prior. What about arousing sounds huh? You gotta add dirty talk to this recipe Loveaaaass! For most Playmates, their number one aim is to please their partner in bed, ya? Soooooo, go ahead and give in to some naughty words of encouragement. Us Girlfriends ARE notoriously turned on by hearing that they’re lusted after. Need tips brother's? Try saying, You're so F***IN Sexy,”OR, “I want you SOOOOOO bad,” ARE ALL good places to kick off the game. If your bosom buddy says something that gets ya going, let them for Goddess sake; we're NOT mind readers!!!

Even during Pushy, focus on the sounds of your two bodies together. Your breath mixed, AND, meshing in unison, the rustling of the sheets, OR, your skin rubbing against each other. This my friends, WILL, make the savoir-faire incredibly instinctual, AND? PASSIONATELY PRIMAL!! This also helps the two of you sync up your Garden Vessels, AND, you’ll discover more about what your partner craves, Sexually that is. BUT, (remember) as long as it's consensual, there are no F***IN rules when it comes to your Sex life! That includes intimate infiltration. Yepper, peppers!

Listen up Ladies! Have your masculine Loveaaaaa graze, pet your face, slender intelligentsia pedestal, AND, your appreciation to sounds with his lingam, then? Get him to raise the curtain a little with inserting the tip. Just make damn sure he removes his magic wand before Orgasm; because you don't need any earshots, that's for sure!! If you’re away from each other, OR, even just in separate parts of your humble home, entertain with phone Sex. Give a call and tell them that you’re BRIGHT IDEAS about them and then let things march along in a naughty direction from there. Look, when you verbally guide each other through Sexual activity; that WILL build up DESIRE, INTENSE AFFECTION, AND, LONGING! Alright grasshoppers!! All I'm sayin ISSSSSSS? Those little barometers of babble, ARE the receptors for the mind. Being descriptive, AND I MEAN IN DETAIL PLEASE, gives the eyes a visual break, which BTW, WILL entice ORGASMIC STIMULATION to a higher plateaux of Sexual pleasure!!!

This IS ALL about WAKING UP EVERY Sensory meridian in the body people; DON'T JUST GO FOR THE JUGULAR!!!

Live Well


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