Laughing Libido

Hey there you healthy, HAPPY, horny hummingbirds! Ok, so you've all watched online Sex activities, right? It always looks SOOOOOO ridiculously serious doesn't it? Sure as hell does! I mean Sister's, brother's, Sex IS supposed to be lively amusing, with welcoming grins yes? Well, it can be; all you have to do IS F****IN loosen up a little! Look, for you, AND, your partner, you have to make IT like the 3 stooges at times; minus 1 stooge; unless you're so inclined to 3 is company! Are ya tired of repetitious romps where all you do is get the Goddess damn job done? So why dontcha add a little har de har to the batter, then see how it bakes up? I know, I hear ya, it’s usually treated as

??? Seduced OR Strung Along ???

Hello my fabulous followers! All things are spectacularly Sexy I hope? Today I have a tad bit lengthy opinion for my version of the power of Sexual exhortation, OR, the so called Art of Seduction; SO GRAB YOURSELF A TEA!!! Laden with its ambiguities, AND, apparent contradictions; arousing allurement CAN be precarious to say the very least, wouldn't ya say? Soooooo much so, that it's usually viewed as a double edged phenomenon. Similarly compared to RAPE if you can believe that one, OR, not, it’s undeniably manipulative non the less. YET, while its various plotting ploys may at times overlap with those of the forcible offense? It’s essentially all about the PROCESS of the ol' arm twis

!!! Sex Starved Sister's !!!

Hey there you enlightened people; caught any good chuckles lately? I heard a quirky Ha Ha the other day that goes something like this. A couple seeks intimacy therapy, OK. The Wife gripes that Her main squeeze IS NOT interested in havin Sex what so ever. At some point in the middle of the session, the therapist grabs the Butterfly Beauty, AND, delivers a Sexy Smooch to Her passionately while She oohs, AND, aahs with content. Then? The Sex shrink turns to the husband and says, " Ya see brotha, your Sweet Sultana needs this every Goddess Damn Monday, Wednesday, AND, Friday. The hubby buttons up for a moment and then breaks his silence. "Alright smart ass", he discloses, Monday, AND,

A Musing Mermaid

Hiya grasshoppers! You gotta LOVE, LOVE, LOVE legacy lore, AND, all the superstitions that go along with it, agreed? And just why's that? Because, these ARE the clues to understanding the truths of life Lovelies!!! Sooooo, I'm gonna dissect the literature legend of the Mermaid because of the FEMININE principals SHE represents for men's ONLY SURVIVAL mechanism in this Goddess damn world of course! Just where does the actuality of this Muse (which BTW, SHE is) come from in the first place? From ancient deities to corporate lackeys, the HERstory of our Aquatic Cousins IS certainly a strange ASS BACKWARD one indeed. Even though the Spirited Water Goddess emblemitizes the idea of FEMALE S

!!! Cumming Outta The Dark !!!

Hey, hey, hey my horny tribe; IT'S SHOW TIME!!! Wouldn't you say that having Sex in the dark can be feverishly hot, esoterically mysterious, AND, physically flattering for everyone involved? THINK TWICE ABOUT THAT! Shying away from the light can mean cheating yourself, AND, your passionate partner out of a mind blowing Sexy sack session! Pay attention here Sister's, it's A MYTH that ONLY men are visually oriented during Pushy, dontcha know! Soooooo, if you can't see your cozy consort, you ARE missing out on a huge aspect of Sexy sensory stimulation for your Sisterhood! Look Ladies, your manly meathood wouldn’t be sleeping with ya if he hated the way you looked, now would he; SO WHAT A

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