Bangin The Canvas

Hi Loveaaaasss! Can any of US remember back in the pre-school generation days when we were ALL (with hope) enthusiastically finger painting? Well, I for one WAS a really BIG fan of it! I dunno about you, BUT, (Tee Hee) I Love, Love, Loved dippin my paws into the soon to be passionate pigments on my construction paper! I Love diggin into the past with this one particular sample of my many masterstrokes. This boy, AND, I even recall his name, Graham Parks, which BTW, had a huge boner for me in kinder garden, showed some attention to my finished showpiece. He then proudly staged his work of art in front of my face; kinda like you know, the good ol' show me yours and I'll show you mine kin

!!! What A Prick !!!

Hello all you Sexually reinforced grasshoppers!!! After last weeks scroll of attention, I wanna really prick up your ears even further to a more acclaimed Eastern practice for robust Chi energy! Acupuncture, AND, our WISE Chinese herbs HAVE been used to add fuel to the Female Canal, AND, the male power hoses to promote optimal Sexual health for centuries!!! Yepper dear peppers, Chinese Emperors took their Sexual health QUITE SERIOUSLY (and so should you) by consulting with a team of natural healers when they struggled with any barricades in the chambers of infatuation! We all know (I'M HOPING) by now, that Oriental medicine, AND, Taoist practices ARE well known for improving our Lady

Criminology of Ejaculation

What's up people! WARNING: Today's disturbing gatherings of researched documentations I uncovered, (PLUS MY OWN RECENT BULLSHIT DISCOVERY) CLEARLY reveals the CONTINUED masculine idiocy that is STILL vibration, AND, probably will NEVER evaporate out of the atmosphere! MEN all around the world, ARE, convinced that they can keep their balls bouncing by FUCKING ejaculating their disgusting residue of their SO CALLED power drips from their USELESS taps WHERE EVER THE FUCK THEY GO!!! Look, leaving male bodily fluids to something where a person is gonna eat,, drink, OR, even live, AND, work would be specifically listed as a crime, right? Well, if you live in Minnesota, under a bill headed to

Sex Sadness

Hey there people! Tell me; how many of you have ever bawled your blinkers out during La, La? Crying during Sex can make things a tad bit awkward between you and your Loveaaaaa who just might NOT register why the hell you're sobbing in the first place, AND, this applies to you men toooooo! Maybe you don't even fathom why you're booo whooing either, BUT, (the good news IS?) it’s okay if you don’t know grasshoppers! A lot of Sister's and brother's experience weepiness, OR, actual tear jerkers during, AND, even after havin Pushy. There's a ton of wisdom teachings for your salty drips (or even your partner’s glossy ones) AND, most of them aren't the sad blahs either. Pay attention Lovelies

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