Hey, hey, hey you horny humans!!! What's happenin out there anyway? Today I wanna explain something to you all. I DON'T SUCK DICK; PERIOD END OF FUCKING STORY!!!! That's the deal, plain, AND, F***IN simple! I know, I know, this IS sure to enrage heaps of you male specie's, AND, even Doll Faces, who consider blowjobs a mandatory part of a Sexuality Healers repertoire teachings. BUT, (open your F***IN eyes!) here's the thing people, I FOR ONE CAN NOT stand it. I've never understood why any Woman would even wanna cram a penis in Her Goddess damn mouth! AND? I'm NOT about to teach ANY Girlfriend how to play the bag pipes either! Now, before you go and report me to the MRA, that's the

Plastic - Another Pathetic Plague

How's the transformation process going with you all?! Alright Lovelies, we already know there's A LOT of information coming out about the dangers of substances in the environment that HAVE negative effects on our endocrine, OR, our hormone systems, right? IN PARTICULAR, attention HAS been focused on these chemical effects on the reproductive hormones, SPECIFICALLY Estrogen (the main FEMALE SEX SPARK PLUG). Bisphenol-A, which BTW, ISSSSSS a NASTY NO NO found in hard, clear plastic used to make everything from baby bottles to food packaging, ALSO increases the risk of ITTY BITTY WINNIE SYNDROME, AND? A whole slew of other Pushy problems for ALL of our Sister's, and brother's on the planet!

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