Female Energy Of Venus

Hey my lovelies! How are those Feminine vibrations goin for ya anyway? Need a jolt do ya, to quake up your life a little? Sisters, brothers out there; it might be a damn horny hobby project to invest in a telescope and reacquaint yourselves with our ancient Venus! SHE'S the second planet from the sun, AND, is named for, you know; that Roman Goddess of LOVE and beauty of course. This planet IS the ONLY apple in the orbit named after a FEMALE. As you must know; SHE was tagged this because SHE was the most beautiful Deity in the passionate pantheon of the sexy ass wild blue yonder; for SHE shone the brightest of the five luminous bodies known to ancient astronomers. Venus IS the hottes

The Sexuality Tent

Hey you horny Herons! Let's take a look at the more chirpy, carefree Sisters and brothers out there who spiritedly frolic around in pleasure as they damn well please! Gay and queer seem to be one, AND, the same for a lot of people. For some grasshoppers (even those in the LGBTQ, community), there ISN'T a distinction at all! Gay birds ARE also identified as queer, and vice versa. BUT, the opinions vary and everybody seems to carry a conclusion to their own memoirs now don't they? If any of you loveasss out there in the sexy breeze of life, ever wondered what divides the definitions between the two words, you’re about to F***** find out! Whether or not you're camping in the LGBTQ tent

Polyamory On Purpose

Hey you playful, passionate, always seeking the pleasure platform of life kinda people! Before I start, I just wanna say, my Father owned and operated a construction business, and I found myself in the shop all the time because I was intrigued with Tom boy shit as a young girl. That's where the TRUCKERS MOUTH comes from lol!!! Anyway, today I wanna horse around (on purpose) with a Polyamorous Tantra lifestyle; which IS another PROGRESSIVE, sexual, sexy pulpit that HAS gained new wind recently, AND, we can HOPE to study it in a NEW light as perspectives move away from the BULLSHIT benevolent norms of the male gaze, AND, into a more balanced and inclusive point of F****** view! Polyamory,

Lazy Ass Sex

Hey there lovelies! Having a long week and looking forward to a lazy Sunday morning lying naked as a Jay bird with a light chirp of arousal; BUT, (sorry, it's a horny habit!) not motivated enough to really go out on that limb? Have no fear grasshoppers! Tantric sex IS lazy ass sex at its very BEST, AND, it's NEVER unsatisfying either! If you’re not sure how to go about things without an eviction worthy orgasm, AND, a mattress wetter than Niagara Falls, read on for rescuing tips for your sexy state of the art LAZY ASS SEX time! Decelerate things down people! This IS the intrinsic commodity for sleepy ass pushy, WHEN, you have tons of time; AND, you damn well better make time toooooooo!!

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