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Corona Sex

Surprise! I've resurfaced in the midst of it all!!! Distancing be damned I say!! People who insist on being stuck inside should be havin TONS OF SEX to combat the effects of the authorities forcing on us social distancing for the Global germ! The best solution if you’re holed up with your Loveaaaaaa, quarantined, ISSSS? Have a F*** fest!!!! Your Dakini's direct encouragement today ISSSSS??? You’ll live longer, AND, get rid of the FEAR that they're trying to clobber us with, which BTW, WILL lower your immune system, which IS what their agenda ISSSSSS!!!!!!! The timetable continues grasshoppers!!! And, weather permitting, some of ya's will make those INDIGO babies. It’s certainly better staring at each other on a Sexual Spiritual platform, rather than gettin on each other’s nerves from all the daggards of the circumstances, right??? Sooooo, given the realities of social isolation, (which, BTW, I don't buy into), AND, authoritative incarceration, maybe, just perchance, we can take leverage of this sudden, imprisonment at home to make more time for La La that most of us would like more of anyway. Look Lovelies, especially for busy, long term couples, Pushy IS often one of the first things to go at any given relationship, as ISSSSS spending some quality time together that doesn’t involve cleaning the kitchen, OR, discussing the business of family life. This mandated time in your abode may be a unique fighting chance to have more of that time together, AND, to IMPLEMENT THE TANTRA LIFESTYLE TO RE-ESTABLISH A CHIRPY, CHIPPER CONNECTION TO LIFE AGAIN!!! I know, I know, there WILL be laundry, meal prep, AND, for all one knows work emails, OR, even full scale days of workin IT from home; NOT TO MENTION helpin your kids figure out how the hell to suddenly do school work on the reservation, as the teachers also figure it all the hell out. AND? There's gonna be worries about Love, Love, Loved ones’ health, as well as the overall economy, AND, its HUMONGOUS impact on your own personal finances, ESPECIALLY if you're one of the millions of families who WON'T be getting a pay check during this time of THE GLOBAL FUCK UP!!! Despite all the overthrow, AND, pathetic collective lack of confidence, (which discuss me); trying to make a point of preserving some time for yourselves as a couple ISSS crucial right now! The stress of the moment may make this harder, BUT, (YA PEOPLE) being physically together WILL WITHOUT A DOUBT, make it child's play. So, with that being spew from the horny horses mouth, AND, fantasizing finger tips? There's A TON in this stage of the station that we can’t control, so perhaps we're better off focusing on the things that we can, ya? Sound good? Thought so. The pleasure, AND, intensity of Sexual encounters CAN be a welcoming calling, despite what's goin on. It takes us away from THE BULLSHIT, allowing us to focus on what's important in life right now. When Ta Da ISSSSSS at its best? It's a meditative, mindfully absorbing experience, where the World drops away. Your burdens, AND entanglements get put aside for a few blissful, SHOULD BE hours. Afterwards? When the rest of the planet IS in a panic? You, AND, your Loveaaaaaa feel more connected TO SOURCE; WHICH, BTW, SHOULD BE YOUR BIGGEST TASK AT THE MOMENT GRASSHOPPERS! SIster's, brother's, control over how the pandemic will evolve ISSSSS UNPREDICTABLE, BUT, (hello) we DO have choices on how we respond to it. Invest this present occasion in your relationships, AND? Your Sacred Sex life! If we have to be stuck at home, we might as well F*** our brains out, HMMMMM?! Singles CAN benefit as well. Look, if you’re unblended, you can still use this time to BANKROLL MENTALLY in your Pushy Passions. Use the extra time to PONDER about what you want your future Sex escapades to be like when you do get together with someone significant, whether for a night, OR, a lifetime. Visualize abo

ut your favourite past Sexual encounters, AND, try to identify what made them so Goddess damn exciting in the first place, so you have at least some ideas for down the dusty road. Just remember this my tribe; great Sex lives are made, NOT found! Making a point of spending some extra time on enjoying yourself IS GONNA TAKE THE EDGE OFF. Get comfortable people! Bring out your favourite natural lubes, OR, Sexual play toys. Find something Arousing to watch, read Erotica together, OR? USE YOUR F****IN IMAGINATIONS DAMN IT! Open up that third eye Chakra, AND, intentionally invent your relished velvet path!!!! Don’t rush to the end of Orgasms; take your time, cause your NOT pressed for it that's for sure! Listen Lovelies; there's gonna be, AND, already has been a lot of negatives associated with this terrestrial sweep, BUT, (just maybe) we WILL benefit from some extra quality time, whether with your cozy cuddler, OR, ourselves for that matter of fact! This makes it easier to tolerate being incarcerated at home which means? Fewer tainted tootsie's which COULD make this whole mess go away chop chop. It's like this you horny hornet's; we’re supposed to stay in bed when we’re feelin rotten, RIGHT? BUT, (yepper, peppers) now stayin in the Sexy Sak, AND gettin Laid WILL keep us from gettin laid up!

Enjoy the lockdown folks!




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