The Cancer Crime

How's IT goin you sexy ones! Today I want all of you out there to instigate more delinquency into your daily lives! Seriously grasshoppers! I'll get started by breaking my silence that the cure all's in the West ARE undergoing a millennial sea change. Millions of Sister's and brother's ARE discovering alternative energetic healing practices. And the conventional Doctors? Well, they wanna sweep away most of these New Age therapies as placebo effect, OR, unscientific. Oh brother Mother, come on here!! I believe the most EFFECTIVE method of restoring ANY chronic DIS EASE will NOT be smoke and mirror New Age remedy's, BUT, (for openers) an ancient customary way from THE EAST known today

Universal Womb Wisdom

Hey Love, Love, Lovely ones!I Let me share a sitting that I had with my Girlfriend recently in my Sacred Sanctuary. We were chit chattin about (yes) human umbilical cords with all things connected, AND, what they actually symbolize. Then, it hit me like a thick brick! Our Cosmos IS literally a Womb for an Ascendant Universe? Now, this IS definitely out there, BUT, (as you must know) I started mulling things over about how the Soul Heart actually works, AND, made some luminous associations! The belly button bond IS essentially the lifeline to an unborn Fetus right? Thus, allowing them (unknown entities with the little pig bite) to survive in the Wonder Zone (Womb Universe) by moving ox

Tantric Lobotomy

Happy Friday the 13th people!!! Did ya miss me? Come on, I know ya did! I just wanna start by sayin that in my 9 years of practice in Toronto, (that long already, holy crap!) I have never experienced so many men wanting to find out how to please their Lady Love with surpassing quality during the grand climacteric of Her life. As Queen Bee's, we live so closely to the body through our moon out of towner Aunt Flow, lying in the lap of labour, mothership, AND THEN? The Midlife Miracle! Each of these transitions changes for our earth's Empress's in a multitude of ways, which BTW should be celebrated! Yet, Menopause often causes our Sister's to feel despondent, as if our bodies are broken

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