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Hey, hey, hey you horny humans!!! What's happenin out there anyway? Today I wanna explain something to you all. I DON'T SUCK DICK; PERIOD END OF FUCKING STORY!!!! That's the deal, plain, AND, F***IN simple! I know, I know, this IS sure to enrage heaps of you male specie's, AND, even Doll Faces, who consider blowjobs a mandatory part of a Sexuality Healers repertoire teachings. BUT, (open your F***IN eyes!) here's the thing people, I FOR ONE CAN NOT stand it. I've never understood why any Woman would even wanna cram a penis in Her Goddess damn mouth! AND? I'm NOT about to teach ANY Girlfriend how to play the bag pipes either! Now, before you go and report me to the MRA, that's the men's rights activists for those who have no clue; I wanna clarify something. This SURELY DOES NOT mean I hate cock; on the contrary for sure. I don't think they're ugly, OR, gross either. The standard piece of meat HAS quite a practical, AND, sleek design, which BTW, I greatly admire. As much as I Love, Love, Love my Beautiful Yoni, AND, all Her parts, I do often find myself jealous of how worry free the prick really seems to be. If you tried talkin to a member of the balls game about daily discharge, Aunt Flow, pH balance, OR, pap smears, the pecker would have DICK to say in return! Mostly because it's a schlong, AND, schlong's have shit to say, BUT, (hello) also because he doesn't have to deal with any of those things. Not only that, BUT, (pay attention) it DOES NOT even require a wipe after it takes a piss! All I'm sayin ISSSSSS that I despise the act of puttin one in my Princess Portal, AND, forcing my Blessed Peak to partake in the motions that my hand, OR, Beautiful Butterfly CAN perform just fine thank you very much!!! The last man in my life who I WAS NOT impressed with, BUT, (as he should) came over about once a week to Feast on my Fine Feminine Accomplishments. This HAS to be your arrangement Sister's, from this point onward! If you're wondering why???? Well, it's because it's NOT about the masculine anymore; promise yourselves Ladies to NOT have Sex until he realizes that he needs to follow the protocol of Her Planet Earth. Listen grasshoppers, some guys are obviously very generous, BUT, (listen up) when it comes down to blow jobs? IT'S NOT YOUR JOB GIRLFRIENDS!!! Look, the stupid specie has landed here on Earth BY MISTAKE from another lost planet, AND, they've forgotten that Gaia IS FEMININE. They CAN NOT be allowed to pull the same stints of sneaky performances that they used back where they came from. They need to be retrained, AND, it's our Female business to lead the way!!!! Look, I've resolved to never suck a slong ever again. Also? Totally refuse to get romantically involved with any man who doesn't wanna Banquet on my Bliss! Even if he has passwords; I will STILL find the strength in My Goddess Being to call it quits if he can't get down, AND, do HIS F***IN JOB! Am I being selfish? F*** NO! I don't give a rats ass, in fact? My belief IS that this perceived selfishness IS OWED TO ME AND MY SPIRIT SISTER'S!!! This Goddess Greed Loveaaaaasss comes from many centuries of EXQUISITE QUEEN'S having Sexual encounters with men who rarely EXERCISED THEIR PROPER ASSIGNMENT HERE ON THIS PLANET OF THE FEMININE. If they did? WE WOULDN'T BE IN THIS PREDICAMENT THAT WE'RE IN NOW!!! The REAL root of THE PROBLEM seems to be that too many MALE YING YANGS are under the IMPRESSION that WE LADIES orgasm from penetration. Listen guys, Women NEVER Flow Their Juices from just sticking IT in alone, AND, between 50 to 75 percent of Lovely LuLu's need clitoral stimulation to activate, AND, achieve orgasm! Soooooo, you guys get down, AND, do your nine to five will ya's! Your penis IS a simply press on and off button switch, AND, it DOESN'T need to be nursed; OUR YONI'S DO!!! A small portion of Lily Lady Bugs ARE fortunate enough to have their emotional barometers positioned close enough to their Yoni's SOOOOOO that they can Explode Their Ecstasy from just La La. Hmmmm, I think of my cozy clitoris as Alaska, BUT, (Tee Hee) my Yoni is Russian. (If you need a less cold, OR, oppressive analogy, just replace Alaska with South Korea and Russia with North Korea.) Yeah, yeah, yeah; there IS such a thing as stimulating yourself while gettin laid, BUT, (I gotta say) I've never been able to actually make this work. For me to reach an orgasm, I gotta concentrate; this my fine followers IS where Orgasm Meditation serves its purpose with the lifestyle practices of Tantra. You gotta give those Little Almonds full concentrated attention if it's gonna give the result you lookin for! This IS the level of assembly that IS hard to obtain for most Sister's, when an asshole is bouncin in and out of your Gorgeous Goddess Garden, rhetorically asking? Do you like that babe? HONESTLY!!!! Look, I know that my years of being denied oral Pushy Pushy IS my fault too; BUT, (TRULY) I WAS a different person back then. There was NEVER the opportunity to even ask for what I wanted. Why? Because WE as Women HAVE BEEN manipulated to please the man OR ELSE!!! This IS something A LOT of Supreme Specie feel, that it's more important to fulfill a man's desires over HER own. It's like you know, in order to keep him, you gotta engulf his tool! Even the most headstrong, self reliant, progressive Princesses fall victim to this line of BULLSHIT!!! I've finally been able to fully shed myself of my meekness when it comes to Sex, AND, I know now that I can not only DEMAND what I want, BUT, (TA DA!) also deny BLOWIN HIS JOB!!! Be humble you men out there, AND, realize that you've been silly boys! oxoxoxoxo WAKE UP AND WATCH THIS PEOPLE!

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