Christ Mass Ass Ho

Hey lovelies! It's that all mighty naughty time of year again, where Santa gets to dump off his load all over our Gypsy's breasts, so to speak! So tell me, who's been misbehaving these past 12 moon spans? I surely HAVE NOT, sooooo allow me to get playfully down and dirty with the BIG GUY before the year CUMS to F***IN end!!! Enjoy my Christ Mass smut! Licking his lips, AND, with a deep satisfying groan, Saint Nick finished off his last Ho. Mrs Claus would never take him that deep ever again, BUT, (to no end) now that She was gone to meet Her creator, he was free to experiment. Santa thought to himself, what a lucky F***IN bastard he truly had been, knowing where all the naughty Girls l

Psychedelic Sex

Hey grasshoppers! Still stickin around declaring your rights as a sexy ass human; even during the ONGOING Sexual prohibition? You F***IN damn well better be! Are you ready to immerse yourself with THE scientific sexy sphinx of your Crown Chakra and beyond? I genuinely gravitate toward the promise land, don't you? Today, I wanna introduce you to an herb (yes, another one) that I had the prestigious standing to experiment with, AND, dissect just lately, which IS believe me, a rare treat people! The Blue Lotus, or nymphaea caerulea IS a condiment that aspires right up there to the crowning point of THE AGENDA, when it comes to intensifying sexual pleasure! It was customary (gotta LOVE t

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Hey you horny bunch! Would you agree that most Sisters and bro's out there peg free LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and hippies to be a bit of a cliché now? Well, let me just say, surprisingly enough; there's A LOT more crusaders than you may think, picnicking under the Rainbow, where they're finding sooooo much LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that it's NEVER really sexual anymore. Sooooo, what IS the Rainbow anyway? It's a yearly event (different dates for different countries) of hugging a whole crowd of like minded grasshoppers every Goddess damn day; sharing the moments when you eat, when you wash, when you work on site within the tribe, OR, Goddess; maybe even when you shit! Seriously, the lack of privacy some

Sexy Sinners Meditation

Shalom sexy ones! How goes the sensual safari with you all this week? What's that you say? You're losing the mirage of air castle? Grasshoppers please, EXPAND will ya! There's more to this sexy stage show than just physical bodies engaging in intimate touchy, feely. Not long ago, there was a survey disclosed in the New York Times magazine, asking married couples this million $$$ wringer. AND IT WAS? As long as you're sexually stringing it along with your significant other, do you think it's passable to envision having SEX with some other Sister or brother? There WERE more lovelies saying no to this than yes. Let me tell ya, it was neck in neck at the poles with 48% no, 46% yes, BU

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