The SCRIPTURES of Kama Sutra

Hey hey hey! Just like clock work grasshoppers, I MUST continue to led you all down the path of my Sacred mecca's SOOOO, clear comprehension clicks in your beaner with THE terminology for understanding this lifestyle of Tantra. You may have an inkling of Kama Sutra, right? Most Sister's and brother's THINK that it has something to do with 365 funky F***ING positions to blow your minds up into the Cosmos, ya? NOT EVEN!!! THE Kama Sutra WAS a written Manual of Ancient Sanskrit thesis in India, dated to 400 BCE–200 CE, AND, attributed to an Indian philosopher, by the name of Vatsyayana. In Sanskrit, SUTRA literally means thread, BUT, (to clear things up) also refers to written text. KAM

Anahata @ Heart

Happy belated Heart's Day grasshoppers! You know what most Sister's and brother's still DON'T get ISSSSS? Well, if you must know, the energy contained in the body Chakras ARE measured by a variety of neuro chemicals, AND, sensitive electromagnetic frequencies, capable of generating PHENOMENAL great fortune in their lives! AND? Since we just came off of The Day of Affection; we're gonna hit the NERVE CENTER for the disposition of that 4th Chakra that's tucked up cozy inside your rib cage; SOOOOO you can all GET IT ONCE AND FOR ALL Loveaaaasss! Yep, you gotter; that little beater that WAS (with hope) furiously throbbin yesterday, ISSSS gonna determine our HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, AND, how it's c

Dakini Buddhism For Male Vampires

What's goin on enlightened ones! Still puttin one foot in front of the other on your path to transformation? This BETTER be nothin else BUT, (Ta Da) the truth! What about your direction? Are you REALLY headin towards the light, OR, have you come to a snag; tangling you up into confused crossroads with all this Tantra stuff circulating out there? Sister's, brother's (in particular), let me guide you onward, AND, upward to the understanding that you need to be released from the ugly snares that drag you into THE BULLS SHIT of delusional beliefs! What fascinates me as a Dakini ISSSS? How I totally understand the ORIGINS, AND, OBLIGATIONS of my Lady lineage cultural system; which helps m

Ancient Feminine Tongue

Hey all you outstanding beings! Today I have the most mystifying Sex FACT ever, AND, as you very well must know by now; I possess quite a collection after YEARS of burying myself into human Sexuality, Spiritual platforms, AND, my constant dissection of the grey church cults. BUT, (just to roll out the red carpet) nothin like the one I'm about to unravel today! Yepper, my peppers; it remarkably supports my DEVOTION to DEFEND the intimacy of FEMININE desires that men have during La, La Love making. During cherished Sexual pleasure with THE SUPREME SPECIE; it's much easier for men to reach THE Effeminate Divine (which you know is THE LAW) by MEDITATING WITH CHANTS on that primrose path they

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