Horny Hair

Hey Lovelies! Are you all turnin into Horny Hippie's these days? With all the Hair Salons working underground, AND, out from under the radar; I'm sure there's a lot to be said for longer, lustier locks! I'm letting it be known today that Sex WILL put all the Salons back into business like never before! Let's talk about Sex, AND? HAIR GROWTH!! Let’s face it; over the course of our lives we’re told a hundred things about SEX, SEX SEX!!! Sex IS this; Sex IS that! Sex will cause your hair to fall out. Wait, what? No way Jose! Actually as a matter of factual research on my part?? Sex WILL NOT cause your streaks to drop off your Einstein ball. COMPLETELY the opposite ISSSSSS true Lo

The Word of Goddess

Hello Loveaaaaassssss! Did you miss me? You'd better, OR, I'll be havin a word with you all! Today I wanna tell ya's all an ancient story. Once upon a time, the many cultures of this world were all part of the gynocratic age. Where Paternity hadn't been discovered, AND? It WAS thought that Women bore fruit like trees when they were ripe. Childbirth WAS, AND, STILL ISSSSSS the greatest mysterious gift that life itself has to offer to Gaia. It was vital, AND, it WAS envied. THE SUPREME SPECIE WERE Worshipped (as they should be) because of it. Our Lady Bugs of the past Kindred Age WERE considered High Caliber! Men WERE on the periphery; an interchangeable body of workers for, AND w

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