Feminine Fur

Hello people! This IS your AUDACIOUS broadcaster for ALL things Effeminate here! So, let me start my third degree on ya's. Do you consider little Missy hair twirling a consistent whistle blower of Female interest towards their opposite sex? Sexuality language IS more than the sum of the individual Love, Love, Love parts dontcha know! AND? This goes for ALL body gibberish as much as any creative articulation we make known. Most Sister's and brother's SHOULD be fascinated by the concept of mortal parts expressions, AND, there ARE many questions with people wanting to know the meaning of whatever X might be. BUT, (to rouse your curiosity) think about someone askin you about your own bod

Attitude NOT Anatomy

Top of the day to ya grasshoppers! Today's article begins with death. Yep, recently we saw the departure of our sexy chef, acclaimed author, AND, flaming food personality Anthony Bourdain, abruptly deciding to leave his building behind. This WAS a man famously known for his bombastic taste, flashy intelligence, AND sinful irreverence; that is, when it came to eatable foods, AND, boundless travel. Bourdain had PURE GRIT coursing through his veins, AND, the BEAUTIFUL BALLS to try to change the way we look at our planet. OK, well personally? I'm just remembering that weathered brother's legacy in connection with his genitalia, (Tee Hee). This might seem a tad uncouth, BUT, (for me) it wo

Sacred Geometry

Good Goddess Day to ya people! Gotta Love, Love, Love our Ancient Lady Philosophers from our lineage in time. Hypatia in particular, WAS a Hellenistic Neoplatonist philosopher (holy shit), astronomer, AND, mathematician/Geometry teacher (what a mouthful), who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. When SHE spoke of Geometry as an EXTREMELY rare natural gift of consciousness, SHE damn well meant it that's for sure!! BUT, (just to get my crystal ball generated) our Sister also voiced it as a mode of perception, accessible to ANYONE that is initiated into the tradition, by a Female Master that is! She wasn't just a teacher grasshoppers; SHE WAS a Shaman in Her day, AND, it was reserved individuals li

The Glorious Gamut

Hey Lovelies! Come, let's climb the story of Jacob's Ladder shall we. This IS THE ancient allegorical prophetic tale, describing the alchemical process of reaching complete Gnosis, OR, what some may call, Buddhahood, OR, enlightenment. It's a symbolic ladder that WE ALL have a prerequisite for to mount up, that is, IF, we wish to reach the spiritual heights of the Divine. In the land of Nirvana, while we're encased in physical matter here on this prison planet; WE ALL must sign the contract to broader insights! This IS our obligation people as we ASCEND through life with our chosen flesh. We committally HAVE to purify ourselves, our wondering reflections, hap hazard habits, AND, karmic

School of Fish

Hello inquisitive ones! How was your week? Filled with sexy splendor, endless mystery, AND ongoing Fishing expeditions I hope! Let's dive into the Waters of the World shall we? The Feminine liquid of life represents that which IS present, BUT, (Ta Da) cannot be seen. The PURE ale IS also taken to be a Womb symbol. SOOOOOO Loveaaaasss, it IS associated to Creation, Fertility, and overall Woman-ness, induced from several ancient flood myths, AND, the Water Springs life concept. Even though there are several trolling opportunities in our Flows of wonder, AND, each contain different symbolic meaning; there ARE some prime characteristics that the Water Warrioress in general holds. For ins

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