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The Word of Goddess

Hello Loveaaaaassssss! Did you miss me? You'd better, OR, I'll be havin a word with you all! Today I wanna tell ya's all an ancient story. Once upon a time, the many cultures of this world were all part of the gynocratic age. Where Paternity hadn't been discovered, AND? It WAS thought that Women bore fruit like trees when they were ripe. Childbirth WAS, AND, STILL ISSSSSS the greatest mysterious gift that life itself has to offer to Gaia. It was vital, AND, it WAS envied. THE SUPREME SPECIE WERE Worshipped (as they should be) because of it. Our Lady Bugs of the past Kindred Age WERE considered High Caliber! Men WERE on the periphery; an interchangeable body of workers for, AND worshippers of, the Female centre, which BTW, WAS the principle of life GRASSHOPPERS!!!!!! While I'm at it here; let's take a look at the ancient scriptures which were primarily written by men, AND, for men? Well, it has been accepted by many, BUT, (Yepper peppers) tested by few. Most Feminist Herstorical critics, AND, literary evaluators would agree that THE Bible, for the most part, ISSSSSS an alien text (to US Doll Faces anyway). Almost all Biblical scholars can SAFELY agree that male prophets, scribes, AND, poets wrote the majority of the books. This my friends WAS A PRIVILEGE, BUT, (Ta Da!) although many sections of the Bible may seem contrary to the Butterflies of the World, there ISSSSS compelling evidence that more than a few of these texts WERE actually composed from? THE WORD OF GODDESS! Surprised? Well you shouldn't be; because there's literature on this shit!!! How do I know? BECAUSE I'M ALWAYS GOING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!!!! There have been many articles, AND, books published in the last few decades by both Female, AND male critics that reevaluate the stories in our Global Guidebook. I discovered scholarly work discussing certain texts that WERE actually unruffled, AND, even written down INITIALLY BY WOMEN! I'm here to prove a F***IN point that certain Sacred Scribbles WERE veritably jotted down by THE GODDESS! This might seem impossible, BUT, (don't put it past me to find shit out!) Listen Loveaaaasss! There ARE NO so called lost books of the Bible, BUT, (quite frankly) volumes WERE deliberately taken out of THE Good News of The Goddess, missing in F***IN action!!! Every edition that Goddess intended to be in the MANUAL WAS eliminated on F***IN purpose!!!! There ARE many legends, AND, rumours of the lost Effeminate Essays of Sacred Scripture, BUT, (hello) the dissertations WERE NOT, in fact, disoriented. Rather? REJECTED!!! Why? Because they WERE self possessed by THE WISER SPECIE that's why! They've been trying to shut us the F***up for Centuries! There ARE 13 crucial chronicles that WERE actually written in the same time period as the ones we read now from the best, (OR WORST?) book ever written! They contained true accounts of Womanly Spiritual Teachings; THE Wisdom of THE Feminine path, THE Universal Knowledge of Paleadean, to just you a sampling. AND? All these Writings of Gaia Guidance WERE inspired by? THE GODDESS THAT'S WHO!

Sister's, brother's, there WAS a time when ALL of humanity used to live, think, AND, act with a common understanding that was in alignment with the greater good of all. AND? IT WAS WRITTEN DOWN WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE GREATEST SOURCE; THE GODDESS! That time has long since passed, AND, these KEY NOTES of enlightenment became a threat to forces that seek to control humanity. These forces, individuals, governments, AND, other masculine frequencies HAVE tried to SLAM THE DOOR on these Sacred Divine Drillings, sometimes in overt ways. The agendas of wars from ancient, AND, still modern days were not always about what the HERstory books may tell us. The mysterious Feminine Trainings WERE FORCED to go underground in order to protect, AND, preserve the Sacred rites. Look Lovelies! There ARE MASSIVE shifts of energy occurring right now as you BETTER BE well aware of, AND, humanity IS once again waking up to its true Divine FEMININE thoroughfare forward. It's time to live in an enlightened Sensual (which is Feminine BTW) society. I truly believe in giving everyone the right to choose to pursue the passage of initiation into the Light, BUT, (remember) creating the opportunity, AND, opening its doors to all who seek it, requires THE expansive renovation of the HUMAN mind! The valid FACTS compiled in THE MISSING WORDS OF GODDESS determines THE legitimacy of our crucial continuance for our lineage; PERIOD END OF F****IN HERSTORY!!!

Soooooo, what the hell does this all have to do with Tantra, AND, Sexuality? It's the lifestyle doorway of the Sensual Feminine Frequency, that our Sister's of the past were trying arduously to document in print. They didn't succeed completely; which ISSSSS why the world ISSSSS SOOOOOO F***ED right now!!! BUT, (with hope) we now have a second chance, IF, we listen to The Word of Goddess!!! This ISSS an opportunity people to make it right!

My eyes welled up in tears scripting this Sermon grasshoppers! It's a disgusting place of what the male dominance has left behind; just horrible!! ARE YOU READY FOR CHANGE?


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