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The Science of Sexual Liberation

Hey there! How is your liberating sex life? Are you imprisoned, enslaved or severely restricted? If you said yes; you're in BIG trouble; and I mean DOUBLE! Being liberated comes in many forms; and you must know today, I want to express and get a handle on our sexual liberation. What is a sexually liberated human being anyway? And what is the reason we sometimes suffer in the hands of unenlightening sexual experiences? Every person has two sexual personalities. One is a carefree side. The other is a careless side. When one lives in their carefree side, they are guided by their Divine faculty. When we live in our careless side we are guided by our animal force. It is not the carelessness of breaking a glass or accidentally throwing away something you meant to keep. But in reality, we are truly careless when we lose our Divine sexual personality; when that “something” which is very precious, beyond value, is lost just for self indulgence, abuse and control. Emotion and passion are the two buyers of our spiritual sexual personality. If you analyze this thought for just a minute; you will realize that this is a bargain which is too costly. For what reason are we trading our spiritual sexual selves? This world of ours, right now, is in a transitory shift phase of life. It is not permanent, but we need to flow with the shift, or we'll be left behind sleeping! Subconsciously, behind every sexual action is the desire to be sexually liberated and powerful; whether you know it or not. But, if you classify your sexual desire for personal recognition of yourself, you will find that you want recognition of your liberation without maturity. You want to be recognized as a mature sexual being, but you have not developed the mature attitude of a carefree sexual being. The only sexually carefree being is that person who is free to explore their sexuality! They are sexually liberated. It is a Cosmic Law that such a person is never short of anything. A sexually carefree person doesn’t know any misery. They are humble, but that doesn’t mean they are miserable. Ever wise, they sail through time undisturbed. They do not need any correction by the hands of society or time. Their smooth behaviour and calmness of personality are the signs that they are a liberated sexual human being. In a nutshell, they are the happiest damn people ever, on the Earth! This does not mean that you should be out banging every person from the north, south east or west of the world; but your satisfaction should be everlasting. If you understand how the addiction to liquor begins, you will understand this theory. This is how it works: A person who is not liberated sexually, becomes under pressure and doesn’t know what to do. They go to a rub n tug or a prostitute (which males and females can engage in) for so called help! Relief feels good doesn't it? But, was it liberating? It may have soothed the nerves, and stopped a rape or worse; and energized the body centers; but how liberating sexually was it anyway? It is only a temporary relief, that sticks in your mind. You can never, ever gain the sexual liberation that you really crave by doing this. I'm telling right now; the best way to find your personal sexual liberation is from seeking out an alternative sexual healer; and explore your sexual self in a safe, controlled, healthy, happy and playful environment. Part of our personality; and our mind, is how liberated we can be sexually. When you are acting under a demoting habit, like the two examples I have given you above; you are totally in the negative sexual personality. It is also a fact that if you get into any one negative habit, you will automatically attract its five sister habits, because they love to stay together don't you know! They are: Greed, anger, lust, attachment and negative ego. So now do you see what I am trying to get across the board here? With a healthy place to explore your sexual liberation; you can grow, know yourself; and become the positive sexual energy that this earth is now craving! My practice allows each and every seeker to come as their delicate selves; to explore sexuality, in a professional sacred circle of healing. Ok you guys; all is said and done again this week. Remember, free yourself of the situation that history has put us in and regain your sexual liberation! See you again. oxoxoxoxoxox

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