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Conscious Arousal

Hello sexy ones! Well, here I am again to guide you further into the place that I know, you all really want to go. We all get aroused. Yes, aroused with touch, smell, taste, touch, sight; but what do we do with this arousal? We prolong it is what we do. Not too sure how to do this? Let's look into this on a deeper level shall we. The sexual arousal of the ordinary man aims at plain old arousal, from the first sight of a woman. The way women dress, to the first touch; from the first physical contact to the stimulation of genital organs, which is what most of us think of first when we hear the word arousal. Basically, going for the jugular! This my friends is not true arousal at all! Because of the fact that a man gets aroused much faster than the woman when making love, he usually ends up ejaculating; his duration is rather brief, to say the least. This mindset of a man's sexuality has been conditioned from extreme forms of manipulation due to pornography and prostitution, both being designed almost exclusively to satisfy the man through powerful stimulation, arousing teases, provocative and fast movements; whereas the concept of “wellbeing” has no relevance. Shame on that! Tantra arousal is a spiritual science as I've mentioned before, from ancient India and in its basic essence, it is very similar to Taoism from China. Both practices involve balancing the male and female arousal energies to create harmony and the ultimate goal is unity for spiritual arousal, commonly known to those who practice it, as enlightenment. Tantra arousal encourages one to explore every aspect of life. So obviously the study of sexuality was included (BECAUSE THAT IS AN ESSENTIAL ASPECT), not only included but must be felt with DEEP respect and admiration. Making love was seen as a gift to the ultimate universal energy; as is should be. So there was no suppression or guilt attached to sex. It taught that when a man approaches his beloved goddess, he should have a sacred feeling as if he were going into a temple, which in fact, HE IS. The art of sexual arousal was the noblest of arts to study. As a young person in ancient India you could go to the sacred temples and be taught lovemaking secrets by Darkas and Darkinis, who are the priests and priestesses of love. The study of sexuality now, in the west is very new, and I'm here to keep bringing it forward, so we can all grasp it once again. The earlier times of Tantric rituals date back nearly five thousand years. So there is an incredible wealth of past knowledge that we must draw on and use in our own lovemaking for today! Tantric arousal can add to the ways you make love in three major areas: And here they are: Firstly: It gives you ways to reach heightened states of ecstasy and pleasure beyond the realms of normal sex. If you are still having sex, well my dearest ones, you haven't reach that plateaux for conscious arousal yet. You better come see me for guidance! Secondly, it teaches you ways to open to more love so that your heart opens even more to your partner and you will remember how great it feels to be deeply, passionately “IN LOVE” Isn't that what you want? It's not a magical exercise; it's really common sense. Thirdly, it teaches Sacred Sex — ways to transform your lovemaking into a sacred arousing experience which will touch you on every level of your being, body, heart and soul. For men, it can increase and expand the amount of ecstasy he can have and at the same time increase the length of time he is able to make love so that his partner has a chance of reaching higher states of arousal. She wants this!! I am talking about ejaculation control here guys. It IS an essential skill to master, so that during lovemaking, instead of ejaculating at the first peak a boo inside the sacred cave of a woman, which a lot of men do; you can learn instead to peak with that energy and use techniques to spread that energy throughout your entire body. You know, the ones I have been trying to teach you over and over again. Then as the urgency for ejaculation subsides, due to using these techniques, you can continue to make love again until you reach another peak of arousal, so you can take another boo! – which will be much higher than the first peak and then you can use these techniques to peak once again and spread the energy evenly throughout your body. As you continue to do this, reaching higher and higher streams of ecstasy and at the same time your beloved is feeling that conscious arousal energy and is being warmed up to higher orgasmic states of arousal herself. Let me explain something here; in Taoist sexuality, they say the woman is like water and the man is like fire. What normally happens is the water puts out the fire too quickly, the man is left exhausted and the woman is frustrated. There are in fact nine levels of a woman’s orgasm, WE RE TALKING NINE LEVELS HERE, that she goes through before she’s fully nourished sexually even before her Shakti, ( her sexual spiritual arousal level) is fully awakened. Most women have their first orgasm at level FOUR; usually after that, the man ejaculates and the other five levels are rarely reached. What a rip off! So, as a conscious man, as you should be and as an extraordinary lover, soon to be champion, if you pay attention here; you need to be able to make love as LONG as necessary to satisfy your woman and at the same time reach higher orgasmic states of arousal yourselves. Put the breathing techniques to use and pull out your skills for meditation when you are coming together in intimacy. What I am talking about here is bringing relaxation into love making. I am not referring to complacency or laziness, but a mental space where anything can occur; where you are open and willing to wait and see what specifically will occur inside your body when you become conscientious of what you are actually doing while making love! Relaxation forms “the vessel” which contains arousal. Hello!!! When the two are balanced, they form a stable foundation for increasing the energetic charge, but also the awareness that is required to manifest the deepest state of intimacy. Wow! we are getting some place with all of this, are we not? Too many times many of us slip out of consciousness while being in a state of arousal. Don't do it I say! You'll be missing out on the one and only thing that matters most in this life. Many more of my tight hugs go out to you again! Have a fantastic weekend. oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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