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Easter or Ishtar?

Hey there people! It's a big day today lovelies, and we MUST, for reasons of opening space in our beaner, debunk Christianity and Easter as just another example of an ancient myth. The case goes like this grasshoppers, AND, I'm just (as usual) givin ya another outlet to further explore the real conceptions for this transaction of life with the Feminine. Christianity has so much in common with other ancient illusions, so how the F**** can we take Christianity seriously anyway? This is STILL all about the Divine Feminine! I wanna make a few claims against the capital C BULLSHIT! Clue in here my tribe, to a few ancient truths about Assyrian and a Babylonian Goddess, called Ishtar. First of all, Ishtar was pronounced Easter. Next in order, Ishtar WAS the Goddess of fertility and sex and soooooo, HER symbols were branded as an egg and a bunny (sexy spawning items, ya think?)! Rings a bell (are you awake now?) on your ovum basket now doesn't it? We MUST be conscious of, AND conclude, that Easter IS merely just a copy of the Ishtar legend and its roots ARE all about celebrating fertility and Female sexuality! Soooo, why the hell does society STILL idolized Jesus, who was just a mortal dude anyway? First of all, the English word Easter isn’t related to an ancient Middle Eastern Goddess, BUT, rather to a Germanic Goddess named Eostre or Ostara. This WAS the Goddess of the dawn, who brought LIGHT (which all light Goddesses do) to the people. Other European languages DO NOT use the word Easter at all. Instead, they call the sun rise to the sunset of the so called resurrection Pascha, which comes from the Hebrew word Pesach, meaning Passover. There is NO evidence that Ishtar’s logos were even eggs and/or bunnies. IN FACT, Ishtar’s symbols were ancient emblems of power; like a lionesses and stars. For argument’s sake here, (and I love a debate) I’m willing to play ball with the pros, that the comparison of Ishtar to Easter IS problematic. There are though, some interesting similarities between the Goddess Ishtar and the Easter comedy. BUT, what I find really F****** interesting are the differences. Ok, let’s compare the Ishtar saga to the Easter narrative. First, I’d like to tell ya about a book that I just read, which I'm gonna take as my guide when it comes to understanding ancient myths. In his book, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning, the author Girard claims that the gospels and ancient mythologies have a lot in common. They are both structured around what he calls a mimetic crisis. For OUR sexy scheme of it all here, mimetic crisis basically boils down to a cycle of violence. Ancient lore lovlies, AND, the gospels are similar in that they both have confused coercion in them. BUT, that similarity only heightens the fact that they deal with that turbulent duress in RADICALLY different divergence. Let’s first take a look at how the Ishtar tradition deals with vehemence. Ishtar WAS the Goddess of SEXUALITY, LOVE, fertility, storms, and yes, even war. She had many loveaaasss and a violent streak brewing in her. You DON'T mess with Ishtar, THEN OR NOW! This Goddess damn Goddess gets her revenge let me tell ya! The whimsical Goddess treated her loveaaasss cruelly, and the unhappy wretches usually paid dearly likewise. Even for the gods, Ishtar’s love was fatal. In her youth SHE loved this buddy tagged as Tammuz, who was the god of the harvest. This love in the end, caused his death. Easter IS an anti myth. It de-legitimizes raging storms of rampage. Take a look people; there are no ifs, ands or BUTS about it, in denying the brutality that prevailed in that acclaimed Easter epic was there? Just a few days before that so called Easter, Jesus was abandoned by his followers and executed at the hands of the Roman Empire and the religious authorities of his day. BUT, as opposed to Ishtar who asked her Father for revenge, Jesus literally prayed that his Father would forgive those who killed him. Remember the famous phraseology? "Father,” Jesus prayed from the cross, “forgive them, for they know not what they do.” If Jesus were a myth like Ishtar, he would have come back for revenge, no? I think he would have killed his Roman persecutors and their F***** up religious allies. He probably would have knocked off his pigeonhearted disciples as well! In the end? The Ishtar and Easter stories do have some things in common. They both offer strategies for dealing with bloodshed constraints! Even if it could be proven that the word Easter is related in a lingual way to the name of a pagan Goddess such as Ishtar or Eostre, it wouldn't seem to change what the holiday Easter means to us anyway; or would it? BUT, at its DEEPEST roots which I consistently yank out, Easter (which IS how you pronounce Ishtar) WAS and should STILL BE all about celebrating fertility and FEMALE SEXUALITY! I'll leave this with you to ponder over the weekend. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sexy season! oxoxoxo

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