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The Yoniverse

Hola, hola lovelies! How are you all anyway? Still staying steadfast on that path to enlightenment are ya? How in Goddesses name do you really cultivate this refined place of existence anyhow? AND, where the hell do I find it you're asking? Well, if you must know, it's in "The Yoniverse" of course! Yepper peppers, you read me right. TRUE wisdom IS found in that miraculous Female cavern of ALL caverns! AND, that's why all you cave men out there hunger for the SHARP healing powers of HER immaculate abode! You don't know why consciously, BUT (it was bound to happen), you always wanna plant that lingam right where it's safe, soft and secure inside your partners Yoni, don't ya? Don't lie to me now; I know you INTERESTING male creatures more than you think! It's your sub conscience that recognizes that familiar hangout immediately; you were living there for 9 F****** months remember! Once your lingam visits Yoni; it's WITHOUT question, that you're in the bosom berth of bliss that you were abruptly inaugurated out of to join this land of confusion! Once upon a time; almost 2,500 years ago, a great being walked this earth. That stupendous fellow turned out to be the most immense, plugged in, broad minded journeyer the world has EVER known. Whom you may ask? Like daaaaa! Non other than Gautama Shakyamuni, THE BUDDHA! A man in living flesh, who awoke to his absolute truest nature, TADA!! Via rail's Yoni tracks! You gotta remember people, AND, not failing to realize either, that Buddha WAS first and foremost a Goddess damn red blooded brother! He was a prince, a husband, and a father, soooo he encountered and yielded all the effects that a run of the mill man goes through; SEXUALLY that is, AND was enlightened because of it!!! Our buddy Buddha has left behind a legacy of countless teachings, limitless maps leading the way in, back home, returning to our self. He was soooo spiritually content SEXUALLY, that the dude would just sit silently amongst hundreds and thousands of DEHYDRATED spiritual seekers thirsting to drink his silence, absorb his sedative presence, AND, learn to understand his teachings about erotic love as THE HIGHEST form of contemplation, for reaching that sexy sophistication of realization FOR A MAN! THE Yoni WAS/IS cherish on a pedestal in many different cultures INCLUDING Buddhas, as being a sacred space for union between consciousness, AND, of course that life force energy. When the masculine combines with HER to absorb the Feminine energy through the Female Yoni; SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT and EMBODIMENT reigns for you guys who are seeking the truth and nothing BUT the damn truth, so help me Goddess!!!! You may or may not (and I really don't give a shit) think I'm trying to be a bold, brassy, bitch here today, OR, a challenging CUNT with the dictum from this data, BUT, non the less; legitimate, genuinely authentic insight, IS IN THE FEMALE VAGINA people! PERIOD, END OF YOU KNOW WHAT STORY! Which, BTW, leaves most sluggish brothers, AND, even some Sisters, with the pickle jar of how to F***** fathom or really toss in some light on this sexy stage! It, with NO doubt seems to turn the USUAL (which ISN'T what we're seeking anymore!) understanding of ENLIGHTENMENT on its head now doesn't it? So, when I say that immense wisdom IS found within that peachy perfection; this revelation plateau points to the greatest mystical truths. Which is grasshoppers? We need one another; MEN in this particular sexy scheme of it all, a hell of a lot more than women; because we Sisters already own the loot! Buddha expressed this in great precision, that THE ability to recollect, AND, reach the state of PURE INSTINCTUAL KNOWLEDGE during the sacred union IS a gift to men by having the PRIVILEGE (which is what it is) to take a damn holiday with Yoni! Stop looking for techniques and methods towards exploring sacred spiritual sexuality, so you can be aspired into the universe people! Sex with a woman IS sacred on its own damn recognizes! It's a Goddess damn HONOUR to be granted the entrance and have offered to you, THE YONIVERSE, which IS a holy F***** act! What you need to explore is NOT sexual techniques, BUT, ways to shift your F***** attitude about THIS EROTIC EPISODE, so you can reach that dimension by permission! Your frame of mind and perspective on enlightened YA YA, life and intimate connections WILL alter forever by learning how to worship with reverence the Female Yoni!!!! Some men STILL haven't the foggiest as to what that even F****** holds office to; BUT, teachings by Dakini are available! Having LA LA in acrobatic ways, while breathing through your right nostril when you're standing on one leg isn’t what will swerve and open your bloody heart to the sexy sanity of refinement people! Approaching your Female loveaaaa's Divine Yoni as THE escape route so you can orbit yourself to INTELLIGENT SAGENESS, that's full of INSTRUCTIONS WILL!!!!! Rolling out the red carpet for THIS EXQUISITE PERFORMANCE of making love to THE YONI; with the sexual union, hoists this concept to its PUREST of all forms. Don't even attempt to become one with this undertaking. Why? Because you sexy lovelies, enjoying the deepest possible pleasure of being two, separate, in a Divine dance between the one and the other WILL merge your spirits for much needed insight (which is the goal here for men), separated by the flesh. It ISN'T by chance either, that in almost ALL languages, while having pushy pushy many will moan and shout OH MY GOD; which you now will wail OH MY GODDESS!!! Somewhere, deep inside, we ALL know that immersed pleasure and connection are a Divine experience. The reason why we feel in our inner most sense of solace and ecstasy is BECAUSE? Like come on dearests! We're touching something beyond where we are in this physical world of ours that's why! What I believe the BIG GUY was trying to imply IS that right there, within our entrenched intuition of delight, our go between, our intimacy, of sexual union; THE lofty passage to self love, self acceptance, self exploration IS beyond any reasonable doubt, launched from "The Universe!' Very well followers. Be healthy, happy and at your highest element of horniness! oxoxoxoxo

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