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Sexy Singapore Squeeze

Psst! How are you petitioners for all things pleasurable!!! Is it true that most of us THINK we know how to have a sexy screw? There’s not much to figuring it out right? Lingam goes into Yoni, Lingam comes back out to catch his breath, repeats a few more times, THEN (with any hope at all) a climax is born! Like not!!! This is the farthest thing from the truth that I've ever written to date my sexy spirits! I wanna get technical today by fillin ya all in on a Female matter of know how you’ve probably never heard of before. AND, for you Sisters out there who master this? You'll get to strut away armed with ROBUST sexual skill sets, AND, an even stronger Yoni than you ever thought possible! That's what you brothers want isn't it? Like I keep sayin, marshal as much ammunition as you possibly can Girlfriends; it's war out there! Your gift ladies, of pompoir to your partner in the racy moment, IS wrapped up with extensive training and control of your Yoni walls and pubococcygeus (PC for short) muscles. They call this Kabazza in the Arabic language, and is also stamped as the Singapore squeeze. Your soon to be HABIT Sisters IS unique, BECAUSE, it allows you to OWN the sexual throne like the Queen of Sheba should! AND? Depots men in an entirely passive position (where they damn well belong!). The Singapore squeeze is first rated, ONLY, if the woman reigns supremacy! This allows HER to straddle HER sidekick and stimulate his blissful baton through muscle contractions only. No thrusting OR rocking is allowed (Yikes! Damn hard one for me to be responsible for that's for sure!). This was actually a tradition (an almighty unwritten law) born out of INDIA and dates back more than 5,000 years. BUT, (of course) it was soon after Xeroxed and widely practiced and perfected by the squinty eyed cultures! Even Greek courtesans were known to have been professionally proficient in the art of the snapper smacker! Those of you familiar with Kegel exercises know that flexing the Yoni muscles during LA LA can enhance the experience for both teammates. BUT, pompoir petitions women to have the inside track over these muscles to deliver more elaborate sensations FOR HER, during sex, not him! Many times when people hear about pelvic exercises, they still surmise it's the good ol' Kegels, BUT, pompoir IS a lot more amplified. By doing contractions, squeezing, pushing and pulling; you Chica WILL learn how to manipulate your pelvic muscles. This is where you CAN train your sexual skills to the point where muscle memory twists that twig just by moving your pelvic tenderloins ladies! It HAS been uncovered to be an amazing sensation during LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! The pull ability allows women to suck that (hopefully) stiff rod into their Yoni; and having the capacity of dislodging; which IS the dead ringer here, allowing you lady hummingbirds to push him back out again. Then, there’s the resourcefulness of the lock down, where you doll faces CAN clench down on billy boy, to hold him in place! Lmaol! What a vision in my vivid imagination, let me tell ya! It's like a friggin cartoon for sure! There’s the gripping approach, the talented pulse technique, the competent clutch, and the quick witted, venturesome twist; BUT, the most alluring IS the crafty knack of milking that stellar wand of light! This practice might NOT be for every Lass, BUT, there are bounteous beauties out there who would find these green thumbs pretty appealing to retain and maintain. Ya think? AND, it’s not just men (who it's never been about) who reap the orgasmic rewards of pompoir either! These exercises WILL help increase the duration and pleasure for Female orgasms as well, AND, even change the way you Sisters orgasm, PERIOD END OF STORY! Let me take ya all through the three different types of orgasms women SHOULD be experiencing after mastering the art of Yoni influence. There’s the clitoral orgasm, which is probably the least mysterious and most accessible one out on the market. Then, there’s the less common g-spot orgasm, which can be nourished through a Yoni Jazz session. And then, there’s the baffling elusiveness of the uterine orgasm, which many women have NEVER even heard of, let alone experienced! The uterine orgasm requires a deep Yoni access. Pompoir WILL in all likelihood help women experience them all, AT ONCE! This, my sexy studs out there, IS the finest day of your life you WILL ever participate in, AND, I mean till the cows come mooooooing home! And ladies? You just have to be willing to work for it. AND guys? Patience is vitally mandatory! This mastery takes time grasshoppers. For some women, it’s plain sailing for them to run the sexy show. Others though? It takes a little longer, BUT, it shouldn’t take more than a five moon term. It’s just like you’re going to the gym lovelies; if you want a conditioned body, you sure as hell won’t see results from today to tomorrow! What I recommend IS women practice at least an hour a day. Ben wa balls, pleasure pods or vibrators; they WILL all help build strength until you're proficient with the practice of pompoir. BUT, these bells and whistles are by no means solidly necessary. Concoct an iron in the fire for practicing with a tie in team player to make your homework more enthusiastically authentic! It's been said, AND, I'm glad it wasn't said to me, because I would have been sent up the river for beatin the bloody shit out of them; that women weren’t intended to have Yoni orgasms. That the Yoni was only used as a receptor for a piece of meat, and to extend the uterus for birth! Yes, the latter of that sentence is helpful, BUT, It’s a damn cryin shame that the only time women are spoken to about pelvic exercises is when they go to the geyno for health problems, OR, when there's a bun in the oven! We Queen bees don’t hear about these things. AND, there's F**** all about it for education in sex ed class where it damn well should be! In a world where Female butterflies DON'T (but should) always take charge of their sexual encounters, we have to keep the faith that every woman CAN covert to the techniques like pompoir, with the proper teachings. You guys may feel proud because you have ornamental genitalia, BUT REMEMBER! it’s what’s on the inside that counts!!!!! Ok you sexy group. Do your homework! oxoxoxoxox

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