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Clear Your Sexual Aura

Hey lovelies!!! How goes the journey thus far with the birth of 2017??? Wanna start the new year smellin fresh as daisy? Ya you do! Do you feel like re-virginizing your sexual aura to its' pristine un-trodden radiance? You better be noddin that beaner of yours up and down! Well grasshoppers; this CAN be done! As we become freer and more progressive, by finally opening the window to view sex as a WEAPON for health; don't forget that an emotional connection will ALWAYS be established when two people decide to pony up together, AND, this WILL complicate things for those sisters and brothers who are basically hooking up just to screw! Shame, shame, shame on them!!! A lot of yin yangs out there still wanna treat sex casually without thinking about the fickle affects that come along with it, BUT (of course), this IS a detrimental habit people!!!! Don't even think about it!!! EVERY TIME sex is occurring, there IS also an energy exchange, REMEMBER!!!! If two lou lou's decide to sensually hibernate together, they ARE making the decision to share not just yummy body parts, BUT, damn well everything else that's contained within that embodiment! Listen up my kinspeople! I'm talkin on a cellular and beyond the bounds level here! AND, dis ease, which is what disease is (not just physical) can be palmed off to the next sorry ass soul during intimate sexual rendez vous vous! Additionally, the EXACT same thing IS employed for attitudes (hidden or evident). Anger, joy, sadness, irritation, excitement and on and on and F****** on are vibrational energies that WILL crawl over like a BUG, onto the next comfy partner you've been with. Would I lie to you? I'm serious you sexy, tantalizing tribe!!!! When you're having sex with a sexy sidekick, it's healthy and beneficial to be AWARE of the energy that you’re seesawing. We're not taken a F****** trip to the thrift store here people!!!! Those second hand vibrational energies like (anger, sadness, fear etc.) manifest themselves as headaches, body aches, cloudy thoughts, irritation and a poverty stricken attitude after having sex! Even the next day you'll wake up feeling any one of these conditions. You'll be like, "I feel like shit". I'm not kidding; you won't even know why the hell you do either. Believe it or not you juicy bundles of joyous, sexual, orgasmic over indulgers; your body IS tellin ya that you’ve picked up some BAD ASS energy pest, AND, you need to get F****** rid of it ASAP, before it breeds into your DNA!!!! Entertain your ears here here will ya! I get this because I'm clearing BAD SHIT all the time, as a result of my work. DO YOU KNOW how many jaundice vortex's come through my holy shrine on a monthly basis? Regimented detoxing goes on daily in my studio, AND MY BEING; on the grounds that I WILL NOT allow the blood sucking vampires (that most seekers basically are unaware of) to swallow me whole, OR, my precious plants for that matter! Seriously! Sage and salt stakes are harpooned through my sanctuary after each and every seeker leaves my temple; just to maintain its equilibrium! Believe me, there's a lot of toxic beings out there, who don't really know they even are, WANTING HELP! BUT? On a more confident platform; there's hope for generating higher vibrational energies, which CAN be traded and well versed during the powering of sexual energy. BUT (again), if the bush league beatings are not cleared, they become ambushed into areas of the body causing shortcomings and eventually dis ease. As a light worker, I call this energetic debris and this energy CAN be cleared in just a few ways. I'm donating to all of you today my sexy secret recipe for clearing sexual sludge. This is what I do for myself. Water is the natural source of healing and cleansing. Soooo, whether you take a bath or shower, use lavender (the real shit!); make a tea and pour it into the bath. or a spray bottle if you're taking a shower. It WILL relax your noggin and fabulous figure. Mix it with Epsom salt & Himalayan salt which ARE natural energy cleansers. Prepare your warm bath with a cup of lavender, both salts and soak your ass for 20 minutes. While your absorbing these healing elements, of course, meditate on the negative energies and frustrations that may have latched on to you like a clotted clump of sap!! Allow the water mixture to sponge that poop away. Empty your mind leaving the unwanted vim to flow down the drain with the water, when you're finished marinating. Then? Rinse your sexy cells in a hot shower then paint iodine on a square patch of your skin! Afterwards? Ballot in your thoughts. If you find yourself feeling un-elevated or poles apart, this IS how you get your brain work into the right gear. First, rationalize your feelings then write them down on a piece of paper. Next? You're gonna light the damn thing on fire and burn the hell out of it! At the same time it's blazing, verbalize what you wrote, replacing any toxic quarrels with nourishing altercations. It's HIGHLY endorsed to use meditation to ground yourself and quieting your genius ball. Back to back? Visualize with your third eye the poisonous venom evaporating right out of your well formed bag of bones! Afterwards, do your sage smudging. What??? As you MAY know, sage IS very well known for its cleansing abilities, AND, is often used in dowsing. When de-sludging the crappy remains of someone else's SHIT from your sexual aura, light a plate of dried sage and dowse yourself in the smoke. Allow me here to guide you along the cleanse, by giving you a sneaky suspicion to make this a sexy segment of your ceremony lovelies, before having sex!!! Take this time as an opportunity to relax and release tension and unenthusiastic steam before making the jump for joy! Please, please, please master this discipline you teasing troops of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Clearing your sexual aura SHOULD be a routine like brushing your damn teeth! This path we call LIFE sometimes serves up quite a few plates of food does it not? Don't ya think you should clean your pallet before enjoying another meal? Like daaaaaa! Sex WILL always be more tastefully fulfilling, satisfying and fresh when the moment prior and afterward IS purified and tranquil; so you can have another serving of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and stick around for a second helping! Okki dokki you champs. Enjoy the buffet! oxoxoxoxo

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