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Sexuality Births Creativity

Hello you wonderful creations! How's the leading edge of cleverness holding up for ya in today's world? Pretty scary question right? Especially when the system keeps TRYING to manipulate our birth born right of sexual sanity! Ya, THEY'VE always been snaking THEIR way into our lives; trying to strangle our instinctive human ingenuity! BUT, (just to get the ball rollin here) there's a sure fire thing that I hold STRONGLY while living this unexpected journey of Tantra, that the universe propelled onto my little lap! That is? We're ALL born naturally creative beings of course! AND, as we grew out of childhood and into adult BULLSHIT, a lot of us lost that natural personal power, inventive way out and vivid imagination. If you're looking for proof on this, just watch kids for any length of time. They're natural, organic; simply an amazing amusement park full of wired spunk without omission, AND, unconstrained! That's the raw human libido followers, in its purest form! It IS the creative life force energy that WILL lead us ALL to the sexy salvation of sexuality!!!! Most of us started out that way; cheerfully singing, vividly drawing and making believe with just about anything and everything! There was NO shame in showing our exclusive imagery and voices to the world, was there now? You wanna annex that back into your life and hold onto it, right? Ya you F****** do! It'll put you back into the drivers seat where you damn well belong!!!! With the lifestyle of Tantra, you pay intimate attention to your congenial senses and ALL pleasures (not just sexual); which seems to be what people think that Tantra is. IT'S NOT!!!! SACRED sexuality IS only part of that lifestyle, which births creativity and more! Also, with this style of living, it opens ourselves up to the experience of being at one with ALL sensations; not just sexual responses yet again! The sooner you learn and maintain this grasshoppers, your sexual perception WILL become a channel for the universal energy to move through you, like sound moves through a drum. BUT, when you DO frame the SACRED sexual practices (keyword) WITHIN this lifestyle, THEN creative self expression IS the marvelous, memorable, time honoured way we respond to the blissful, SEXY THRILL OF IT ALL!!! You ARE the instrument for passion lovelies! I'd say definitely an apparatus for sexy self indulgence, so creative spontaneity CAN flourish and bloom through to other outlets in your life! It’s as natural as taking in a breath, really! Sisters, brothers, you know this! Just Inhale the breeze making its way across a spring fed lake, choppy ocean or a mountain range full of definition. You can feel it drift and shift the temperature inside you, right? Then what happens? You release it, that's what you do; without judging it, back into the world, as something new, ya? I surely hope you're all doing this! I was gonna shy away from extending this example with water, BUT, you must know by now that I'm not a shyla la la! Aside from the first thing you're thinking of, when it comes to water; the water you put into your body moves back out into the world through your sweat, tears, expressions of joy, sorrow, dance, hard work and of course, SEX and CREATIVE EXPRESSION! Here's the connection to creativity you horny houseful of beings! Once you've taken sexual energy through your senses and discover where that zesty luxury resonates for you; you CAN release this alluring beast gracefully back out into the world, in whatever form you damn well feel most drawn to, CREATIVELY! Don't forget people, you're the matchless being who CAN create artistically from your own sexual experience! You ARE the most unique creation, AND, your voice IS the one and only that can tell your damn story. You get to show the world how exquisite it is, just by being you and loving the sacredness of being alive. Wait, am I talking about Tantra or Creativity? Tantra IS our Mother that gives us birth! It's THE only spiritual lifestyle practice that HAS been found to suggest the CONSCIOUS use of sexuality IS the CREATIVE tool in our lives! Not just for creating physical offspring! Be that as it may, the knowledge and seasoned wisdom of Tantra IS the exploration of our inherent creativity. THE POWER OF THE HUMAN POTENTIAL PEOPLE!!!! This incredible lifestyle of Tantra ALLOWS us to explore our SEXUAL journey through life, CONSCIOUSLY, leading us straight to creativity (as it should); to see what it says about our own individual sexuality, from a creative perspective that is. Regardless of any inherent knowledge I've gained from this lifestyle of Tantra; I work with individuals to help them access their creativity; which IS revealed by busting them open to their sexuality! AND, what I've found is? It's one of the most, IF NOT, ultimate significant ISSUES that most mortals possess! Accessing their creative power and creative ability via the generating of sexual energy IS the toughest damn task of all time! BUT, as a result? The impact of their own intense sexuality does WAKE THEM UP, displaying POTENTIAL for their own unique creative ability and creative power. Believe me lovelies; I live this lifestyle and know the power of it! From the first bolt forward onto this path of mine, with my practice of sacred sexuality; I've written and self published a damn book, co-produced and hosted a friggin Rogers TV show, learned how to play the guitar (still not that great though) put time aside to colour in Joanne Basford's adult colouring book, built myself a Goddess damn B & B in Costa Rica, AND, I'm in the midst of scheming an all sisterhood music band, who will be called? The Dakinis of course; wailing our high spirited Gospel of sexuality to the world!!! This creative full head of steam inside of me has exploded! Why? Like daaaaaa!! From being tossed around in the sacred salad of sexuality of course, AND, the energy mustard up from it ( key word) DAILY!!! Listen up you yummy bunch of lovaaaaas! If you wanna a higher level of creative juices squeezing through your cells; make the time to whip up a fresh batch of sexuality (EVERY DAY)!! It'll breed and spawn resourcefulness that WILL scatter endless everywhere into your life!! In black and white here my sexy ones? Sexuality births creativity, plain and F****** simple! Love, love, love poundin on the keyboard for you guys! oxoxoxoxoxo

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