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The Bloody Mystery Serial

Hellooooooo my sexy loveaaaaaas!! Read any good mystery sagas lately? Well, I've got one for ya today that you may have read already, BUT (read it again anyway!) Did you know that menstrual blood is NOW being researched by scientists for its potential treatment for healing. Well, I just gotta say, that in my earlier years; stay with me here people, when I was extending the wisdom from my exquisite river of sanguine; that I had an intuitive perception that my monthly, you know, PARTY ON that I was having with my ovaries, WAS the healthiest damn RIOT BASH of all time!!! SO, I did some research and found out some pretty captivating stuff about our monthly voyage down the Ganga River (which is FEMININE ENERGY BTW)!!! As long ago as 2008, BUT (no doubt), it recedes even further as you read on from here, that scientists in Japan discovered that cells taken from our monthly body serum CAN be cultivated in the lab and used like stem cells to reconstruct damaged heart tissue! AND, another recent study in Brazil in 2015, puts its two cents worth in, specifying that the cells borrowed from our red moon CAN create a feeder layer system for creating human embryonic stem cells! This is F****** fascinating grasshoppers!!! In the NOW? News has come to light, that stem cells found in our raging rivers ALONG with cells from babies’ midmost link line could potentially be intermingled into a remedy for stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Kinda puts a colourful sexy spin on pad protection and cutting the cord now doesn't it? Those of you sisters out there who are still under the running facet of your lives, could be wasting one of the most prized ace in the hole you have, for mending the seams of world health conflicts; OUR MENSTRUAL BLOOD GIRLFRIENDS!!! It's NOW due time for ALL streaming women to put out a wailing howl every month at the time when Aunt Flow visits; and offer as much of her juicy plasma humanly possible to the Earth, in a self designed ritual! Listen up ladies! You MUST cascade your minerals onto the earth AT THIS SHIFT OF TIDES, with the stated (key word) INTENTION of calling the energies of the Goddesses and contributing ancestors to our big ball of life; so we can help end cruel world disturbances and effect the healing of all who would execute impassioned acts and all who are suffering as a result of the BULLSHIT of coercion! The why and wherefore behind doing this ISSSSSS lovelies? Feminine yum yum IS a VERY influential, magical concoction for mousetrapping invigorating cure all antidotes! This woman (Goddess bless her!) by the name of Vicki Noble WAS the first scholar to bring this information to public consciousness in her 1991 book, Shakti Woman. Don't get behind in your reading sexy's! She stated that Tibetan lamas, Native American peoples, and Gnostic worshipers, amidst many others, wizened up to this prevalent inside scoop and religiously used THEIR BREWING SEXY STEW in their rituals as offerings to planet Earth, the community, AND, the Goddess obviously!!! While many hot off the press women of today have already (good girls!) been using their Auntie Flow in ritual fashion, it's NOW time, MORE THAN EVER, for more of us to come to an awakening about the AUTHENTIC legacy of our chariot of ALL fires, AND, to use it RESPONSIBLY for the bizarre, perplexing and threatening times in which we are NOW finding ourselves in! The ritual CAN be as easy as peasy by placing your pads, tampons (which BTW, you SHOULD NOT be using ladies!), or sponges in a container of filtered, distilled water. Go out to your yard or a spot in nature and pour the water onto the Earth, calling upon the influence of the Goddess to be present, AND, to activate HER medicinal fortitude in the world! AND, you men better be incorporating yourselves into the glorification of it all, for amplification of course!!! THEN? Read the ritual riot act girlfriends and junk your tampons and pads properly!!! It's time for ALL of us (YOU MEN INCLUDED!!) to use this sexy sap, our most sacred reservoir, in the ways that all of our ancestors did. Guys, listen up!! When your sexy scented significant is brimmin with her almanacs of ALL acts; I don't give a shit what ya say, MAKE LOVE!!!! Get over it and get in there will ya! That molten lava IS gonna heal your asses, seriously! AND, for those of you who REFUSE to F****** wake the hell up to this REALITY of the otherworldly realms, and communicate responsibly with those realms for the good of all existence? Shame on you!!! IT IS THE TIME for EVERY DAMN one of us to overcome our good for nothin ill reputed and dysfunctional squeamishness around Sisterhood vital fluids and declare the power that IT and ALL of us as women possess! Remember the ancient ways grasshoppers! READ AND THINK WAYYYYY BACK WILL YA! Women can no longer bleed in vain, in today's world. Our very survival depends on it! Ok lovelies, enjoy your monthly festivities! oxoxoxoxoxoxo

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