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2017 - Love In Action

My followers! This week's dispatch of discovery is a long one. Why? Because we just friggin finished a whole Goddess damn year and WE all HAVE to review ourselves in the mirror, to see if we've change our tune yet! As we prepare and enter into the cycle of 2017, we're entering into a new energy of ascension that we're ready for. THAT IS, if you've done the work required since December 2012! It's as if we've moved through the wall of one bubble and into a new bubble. Meaning???? The energy of 2017 WILL feel completely different. It's gonna vibe for a lot people like a breath of fresh air, as high vibrational light, BIG ONE HERE, LOVE and consciousness surrounds us and exist in the very fabric of our reality! You might sense as if you're being swamped with light, LOVE and wisdom all in one dump! It's very important right now to remain grounded and centered because we're gonna feel overwhelmed by it all. This IS part of our awakening, remembrance and preparation for the coming years ahead people! There's gonna be a lift in our moods, a lightness in our bodies, AND, an expansion in our overall awareness! 2017 and the following years WILL be known as the Era of Love lovelies!!! Why??? Because this shift won't be completed until a towering count of sorry ass souls finally wake the hell up and recognize and experience that their realities MUST BE of pure LOVE on this plane of ours!!!! In 2017 we're gonna be consciously aware that a new perspective is breaking daylight! We'll begin to see ourselves in a new way; integrating this rebirth into the name of the game, creating a seamless, orchestrated synthesis between ourselves, AND, our sexy ass souls! What this WILL do, is allow US to see the truth beyond the illusions of BULLSHIT! Our relationship with all aspects of ourselves will blossom like tulips, in the delivery of spring. Feelings of fulfillment, security and strength will swell up like airships within us. All of this WILL create a deep seated sense of clarity which WILL allow us to view EVERYTHING within and around us, with fewer barriers and limitations. Without any warning at all, you just might feel like creating phenomenal changes and do a complete about face in your life. It'll be as if there's no surplus of time and action IS demanding to take place. Moving to new areas of the world, meeting new people with a new awareness IS necessary for US to download into our personality, so we can alter and shift our consciousness. It's like this! We're re-adjusting ourselves in our seat, making sure we have the most perfect view with all the tools, people and energies around us that will support us in the years to come. As soon as WE gain our new position, AND, ready for action, LOVE will be inaugurated and WILL sustain indefinitely! In 2017, we're all gonna be rebooting a new perspective of LOVE! Meaning???? Our whole bodies and minds WILL experience the rewiring which has been instigated by Venus (my sign!) throughout 2016. Venus has been pouring LOVE into the Earth and humanity with the goal (yes, an intention!) of the big blue rock becoming equally aligned with the LOVE vibration to Venus. Eventually, the planet WILL adopt the role and mission of Venus, thus becoming the new wandering star of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Since December 2012, Venus has been scheming behind the scenes to prepare all of us. You've felt her, haven't you? You had damn well better!!!! Soooo, with the new cable cords connected to our body and mind, we WILL be able to perceive everything within and around us from a seat of LOVE; which BTW is the sexy seed of our soul! The important thing to remember here? Be compassionate and patient with everyone. Why? Because a lot of people won't want to see the truth of all appearances within or around them. IN THIS YEAR OF 2017, action from a space of LOVE, might cause some people to wish for the reverse; action from a space of fear, jealousy, greed and even the harshness of hate! Recognize your potential people! We're powerful beings who can move F****** mountains in this rising consciousness of humanity! I'm not kiddin here! Soooo, if action and the manifestation of LOVE is required, then WE have to first begin within ourselves right? Like daaaaa! Look, this is waaaaaay more than sending LOVE to a certain situation. This is energetically BECOMING the situation! We MUST feel, sense and experience what this new well disposed and LOVING situation is; as it molds, frames and prevails within our present journey. Then and only then, can you add the element of SEX and project it from your third eye and heart chakra to where it's needed the most in this dehydrated world! This my friends, IS the way we WILL become THE anchor, AND, creator of new LOVING situations and actions, in a world that's starving without an appetite. This coming year is LOVE IN ACTION people! My heart and sexy ass soul goes out to all of you this year! Happy New Year lovelies! oxoxoxoxoxo

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