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Brain Orgasms

Hey all you erotic Einsteins! How are all those touchy, feely good things in your life? Cocksure conditions make us feel good, no? AND, most of the time, they’re pretty black and white, right? We have our typical massage that generates the YA YA DA DA feeling in us. Getting horny in a horizontal way, pacifies our indignation to intoxication true? Being exquisitely enveloped in someones arms, hatches us into feeling riskless and sheltered ya? BUT, (yepper peppers) some people experience a real, physical and pleasurable sensation through just sound or aerial pulsations alone. Just who are these people? Well, those who are affected (in the most sexy stimulated way of course) by this ballgame, make up a relatively small population. The playing field is known as autonomous sensory meridian response, or ASMR. Take a look here grasshoppers, at a phenomenon that's happening lately where scads of people are viewing YouTube videos with dudes whispering sweet nothings, crinkling bags and tapping on a variety of surfaces. Welcome to the world of ASMR! The mysterious palpable emotion that occurs with response to certain catalysts. It’s interpreted as an ambrosial buzz that begins in your primary premier between your amplifiers, THEN, spreads down from there to the spine, AND, it’s often referred to as a brain orgasm. Those Sisters and brothers out there, who get to experience this are quick to point out that it’s NOT a by product of sex either! BUT (as always) it IS however, as sexual as saying: You know what love? Watching you eat that split, steamed organic shrimp, glistening wet with creamy melted butter is orgasmic to me. It makes me wanna play LA LA with myself!!!! The engaging refreshing response can be caused by a variety of instigation's; like supple touches, balmy scents and hermosas vistas! BUT, in this case, rare sounds seem to be the most universal triggers. Take, for example, the uncommonly, BUT, enjoyable sound of someone playing with coffee beans. ASMR usually presents itself in the form of a prickling pleasure in the scalp or the back of your cozy collar (which some describe as a sensual headache), and extending from there, throughout the rest of the body. Though the sexy awareness vibe isn’t sexual in nature, it DOES bear comparison to orgasm. Those horny handful of loveaaass who are graciously influence by this sexy stirring event, explain that the goose bumps they experience can be brought on by a number of different encouragements. Listening to the crumpling of a bag, IS just one of many example's lovelies! It might be a tranquilizing whisper, or a gentle knocking or tapping with dove like intentions. Even the clipping of scissors snipping hair, sends orgasmic awareness to our MOST WANTED sacred parts! Try comparing it to a scalp massage, BUT, with the shivers coming from inside your body instead. It’s like an undersized explosion, lustrous sparkles and then teeny weeny stars going down the back of your scruff. Depending on the strength of the flare, it might just go into the top of the spine near your shoulders. BUT (you knew it), sometimes it goes down to your arms, sexy shanks and YES, YES, YES, other parts INCLUDING YOUR GENITALIA JEWELS people! This condition doesn’t manifest itself in any obvious physical form, soooo examining and exploring it can be hard to execute. That’s why there's ZILCH for scientific studies on this damn sexy subject! SO, don't even waste your time trying to figure it out grasshoppers; if you possess it you might as well JUST ENJOY THE TRIP my horny hummingbirds!!! This YouTube stuff is like a shortcut to a blissed out meditative state that allows you to watch long videos, AND, for someone who doesn't have ASMR, they're mind meltingly dull! Not everyone gets this feeling, AND, though some people can get the thrills through sheer force of will, most depend on external triggers to set them off. Another ENORMOUS activator for women is getting a haircut; because the hair IS the MOST erogenous item on the Female map! Studies have been done with women in numerous hair salons, AND, when asked with CONSENT on a sexual stimulation survey; women revealed feeling pulsating sensations in their clitoris! Yes, yes oh F****** yes!!! This, which I would parlay away my jungle bananas on, IS more than likely why women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to congregate at the sexy ass salon! Ok, I admit it, AND, need to be the first to snitch on myself here and now; I'm always hot and horny in the frizzies thrown position at the parlour! Mani's and pedi's are right up there on the list, BUT (as usual), not in the loftiest position as the snippy clippers are for barbing your Sisters horny ass hair! Hearing someone talk in a remedying tone of voice, or purring some sexy things that can provoke the libidinous situation, I'm sure WILL also send you scratching the ground that carries a heavy dew! There's also been reports of getting ASMR when you're gettin an ear exam! Yikes, LMAO; no wonder I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE swabbing my sexy speakers and having an intimate visit with a warm playful tongue! Basically, any kind of cozy close, personal attention will suffice in this area of tactile turn ons! I gotta confess and not shy to say here either (which I never am), that whenever they had lice checks in elementary school, I'd feel simply lazy, and would have tingling sensation running from my beaner, down the back of my little girls embodiment. Hmmmm, so that's where it started. That explains what was happening to me on a chemical level; I've been exposed to and have experienced brain orgasms a LONGGGGGG span of moon cycles ago! It's like I've been naturally injected with dopamine, AND, serotonin, and my pineal gland has been on fire since! Re-test drive your brain frequencies lovelies; you'd be surprised how persuasive, orgasmically speaking; that your Yoni's and lingam's are with the tour! Love, love, love your journey! oxoxoox

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