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Sexy Chevrons

Hey lovelies! How's your (BAMM) on the noggin awakening goin for ya people? Are ya finally looking around, now that you've F****** woken the hell up? Seeing things in a clearer light are we now grasshoppers???? Speaking of lookin every which way; let's take a good longggg sexy stare in the vicinity for textures, ancient art, and architecture shall we. What we wanna do ISSSSS, uncover this DEEP place of sexy symbols today; one in particular as you must know, will start the ball rolling. Which is? Daaaaa! Did I really have to ask you this? Tada! The FEMININE of course! The chevron shapes ARE just another form of ribbed vault rafters, AND, used everywhere when it comes to Gothic cathedrals. These ARE dead giveaways to ancient proof, for the essential symbolic FEMALE value that HAS been buried for centuries! Soooo, as you MUST know by now, I'm here to unearth this shit with my trusty sexy spade no doubt! We HAVE to look at the age old symmetry of the chevron people, as a symbol of unlimited Woman potential, a symbol for the joining, containing, harmonizing, and endless distribution of the most primal FEMALE forces. We see the chevron being a V-shape pointed downwards (which IS its proper ancient position), OR, it can be inverted and pointing skyward. When we point that refined frame work in a descending post, it symbolizes the Divine Feminine, the Great Goddess, the Magna Mater, the Yoni, AND, for the pubis in general. Point that sucker back up again; it's a phallic symbol, a symbol for the Divine Masculine; Osiris, Zeus, and so on it goes for the dominate male energy! Now, modern day chevrons are pointed up (except for some specialist ranks). Soooo, as far as I dug into this matter of fact; I can decipher this people. That this change of inverting the FEMALE portrayal happened sometime before the First World War (on F****** purpose). Like you need to even ask why! An upward pointed chevron with a circle underneath it, forms THE most ancient version of the Egyptian eye of Horus, AND, you better damn well all know; the CULT of all seeing eye ball associated with Freemasonry. Chevrons (pointing up) also appear on insignia of soldiers, law enforcers, coats of arms, AND, as part of many corporate logos, FOR LOGICAL SENSE of course; MALE TESTOSTERONE CONTROL!!!! There's a reason to believe that the Eye of Horus and THE all seeing eye, originated with the obscure visions experienced by ancient priests and priestesses. That eye may have taken form as their mind’s eye just before the image of something happening at great distance, OR, the near future was revealed to them. A V-shape (FEMALE position) with a circle above it makes a PERFECT symbol for the third eye of Eastern belief systems. Hmmmmm, you don't say, sound familiar? That invisible inner eye has ripened on the tree of lineage to be connected with the pineal gland and spirit molecule (REMEMBER!). Pointed south bound (FEMALE AGAIN), the chevron is associated with Venus, AND, with Isis, Ishtar (RING A BELL?), AND, other Female Goddess figures, including the Virgin Mary (SEXY SLUT OF THE UNIVERSE). Pointed skyward (Male version), the chevron IS associated with Mars and all gods of war (negative vortex of jealousy, hatred and the same jaundice BULLSHIT!). When it's shown intersecting one another though, the symbolic meaning IS the joining of Woman and man, which IS the blending (as it should be) of Female and male life energies. That little ol' Masonic sexy set, along with the compass icon plays THE part for that intersection; symbolizing the combining of boundaries, morality, body, spirit, politics and RELIGION, which I won't even talk about. These ARE the instruments for the great architect of the Universe loveaaasss! Back In the moth mileages, birds were seen as message agents for the divine source, incidentally by the Bird Goddess. The V-shape IS prominently manifested in the beak, feet, and wingspread of our fine feathered fowl. The Snake Goddess also has similarly her origin in the V-shaped patterns as well, formed by serpents in motion (FEMALE KUNDALINI ENERGY PEOPLE). Multiple V-shapes form wave patterns, just like those seen on the surface of the seas (THINK BACK! THE FEMALE WATERS OF CREATION!). The basic wave pattern is reflected in the first letter of the words mare, and Mary. Make a note here lovelies! Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene present two capitalized M’s each. “M” has also been used as a symbol for Female breasts. Take a look at the letter grasshoppers! Three chevrons in all. Two breast with the Yoni smack dab in the middle here. Look at it for Goddess sake! Sisters, brothers, all I'm saying here today is the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH so help me Goddess! Dig deeper! Enjoy! oxooxxoxo

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