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Conscious Conception

Hey all you vigilant humans beings out there! Tell me something will ya! Does it ever seem to you, as each new generation unfolds; that wiser more prudent sanity is being sharpened with each spawning of new human life? It's not a seemingly phenomenon my tribe! Let me tell ya this, that expansion for the human consciousness WILL evolve at an even ACCELERATED sexy stride WHEN lovemaking with the Tantric (Feminine) rhythm is in play. Listen up grasshoppers! Conscious conception IS gonna alter the human race once and for all! That is? IF the practice, AND, information IS delivered to the next generation on this (HOPEFULLY SOON) passionate planet of ours! When it comes to that consecrated sexy sacred space, intention and orgasmic quality of the sacred sexual union; they ARE definitely weighing in to be of tremendous caliber, ESPECIALLY for generating that highly advanced genetic code lovelies! I'm tellin ya here and now, I wished I had greater opportunity to teach Tantric Sex for new couples wanting to have children. Why? Because grasshoppers, I'd hopefully have the privilege to meet those babies who were conceived during Tantric Conscious Conception that's why! What astonishing beings these newborns are gonna be loveaaasss! IF conception IS nurtured with the meditative mindset of focused F****ing, AND, pregnancies and births are combined with the proper nutrition, AND, an ecstatic Tantric birthing method, these brand new nippers being born under the influence of the Tantric path ARE definitely gonna be of a VERY elevated distinct quality, when it comes to a human mintage. You gotta watch this film, Birth As We Know It. Elena Vladimirova says that if WE ALL practice ecstatic conception, AND, birth methods; it WILL only take two generations for the world to be completely transformed. Halif***ingluya, AND, if WE ALL add this practice of Conscious Conception (FOCUSED F***ing) to the potpourri? We WILL find ourselves in a world of geniuses you horny, healthy hummingbirds! Conscious conception, pregnancy and orgasmic birth ARE subjects, VITAL, for human happiness and for the well being of our living marble you marvels! Listen, I've given birth to life, AND, happen to have been well versed in these above mentioned fields of reference, due to the fact that I DID educate, prepare, AND, facilitate my body, mind, AND, sexy ass spirit, in order to unwind and heal my time with my womb filled entity! It HAS been known in the lifestyle of Tantra for millennia, that it's of PARAMOUNT importance that the sexual act leading to conception is practiced in FULL awareness (NOT FULL SERVICE PEOPLE!) The timing, astrological configuration, season, mood, level of consciousness, diet, AND, INTENT of the couple WILL all play a role in determining which kind of soul will be attracted to embody through them. Take a good F***** look at our heavenly body that's in a Goddess damn mess right now! The big reason for this BULLSHIT, IS due to the FACT that tons of children were conceived while carnal knowledge WAS deeply in an unconscious state! Basically just F****** around! We URGENTLY need the sexy science of conception brought back into the light again, AND, into the schools for matter! Just as we study behavioural patterns linked to birth in the same way; the science of the sexy soul and conception needs to be re-researched, UNDER THE MICROSCOPE OF TANTRA! Studying in classes for Tantric scriptures, instead of the BULLSHIT catholic religion classes, OF what the ancient Masters have said on this subject WILL be a tremendous support for this acreage of inquiry. IF a child IS conceived during Tantra meditation, this WILL be an optimal TURF for an evolved soul to be attracted, AND THEN? Born to be alive in the 5th dimension of course! It WILL be very CRUCIAL if WE can get young people trained with this lifestyle for the Tantric arts, wayyyyyy before they even start having sex, so their energy IS already aligned with sexuality as a consciousness practice. Those modifications that were implemented into the sex ed classes recently IS a start, BUT, holy shit; how long did it take for that turn of events? Look closely and pay attention you horny handful; they haven't even scratch the surface for transformation yet! My Goddess gosh, there's sooooooo much work to be done!!! I've read Osho's superb sexy shit about his previous incarnation as a Tibetan Lama and that he had to wait 700 years to incarnate again, because he wasn't able to find a couple with the right vibration before that time. His ma and pa in his most recent life apparently were simple, pure people from a small village in India. They were married when they were only 8 years old, LOL, and Osho was born when his mother was just 15 years young. I'm NOT saying that couples now should be like Osho’s parents, BUT, (took long enough didn't it?) it's just to offer an example of how challenging it can be for highly evolved souls to find the right vehicle to come home into this world. Alright Sisters, brothers! This IS much more DETRIMENTAL than most people can even comprehend. Everything the Mother, AND, father thinks, feels, eats, AND experiences IS simultaneously programming that delicate lotus for our future! In Dakini's simple terms for simple minded people? It's important that the soon to be Female and male administrators to be, remain in a state of sublime contentment during the conception for that spic an span soul coming our way! It's coming down the pike loveaasss, for this (BETTER SOON BE) luminous star which depends on us! Nothing, and I mean DOUBLE DIDDLY-SQUAT is more important, right here, AND RIGHT NOW! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your weekend! oxooxxo

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