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Sow The Feminine

Hey lovelies! I want those of you out there who have daughters to think back will ya; to when that conception actually took place. Did ya have a quickie with your partner, OR, was the nookie networking eternal, til ya saw the cows come home? Even though there DOES NOT seem to be a very scientific explanation for this, BUT (had to do it), statistics show that having the sacred union in a SLOWWWWW more romantic meditative atmosphere, with the added elements of candlelight and sexy slothful music WILL actually increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby Goddess! AND? All new couples on this wandering sexy star hoping to have children, should DEFINITELY be committing themselves to SOW THE FEMININE let me tell ya! Sound familiar? It damn well better! It's the ladylike rhythm of this lifestyle path with Tantra people! Like I could've told ya that! On the flip side here? Spontaneous 911 sex IS linked with the conception of baby males. Daaaaa, no shit again Sherlock; like warp speed testosterone flow! Women who have succeeded in having a little Female idol with this method, think the explanation is actually quite simple. The best ways to conceive THE SUPREME being IS to make LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and to ACT (including you guys out there) the way a woman would like to act. In simple Dakini terms grasshoppers? Tenderness, intimacy, sweet sexy talks, AND, a tortoise pace, WHEN ENTRANCE TO THE LOVE CANAL IS GRANTED!!! BUT, (habitually) this IS quite time consuming and both you and your partner are busy people who don’t really have time to do this day after day, right? That's actually BULLSHIT, BUT, (again) if you live in BULLSHIT, don’t put yourselves in misery. As long as you can PLAN a Tantric romantic stroll through the corn field; making it the night right before ovulation, you should considerably increase the chances to conceive that baby Divinity! Loveasssss!! Let's get into to X (Female) chromosome shape shall we? We MUST add ALL the other links into this lifestyle chain for the conception of the STRONGER SPECIE. You gotta make sure you know your body first rate, to predict the most Fertile days correctly, AND, then prepare the room, the wine, meditation time and the music for the most amorous date you've ever had! If you’re doing it right, soon enough you’ll be searching for pink accessories for your Mademoiselle off spring to be! Instead of asking yourself “how can I conceive a little SHE”, you should kickoff the game by doing some transformations with your eating habits as well. You must know by now, there are some foods which are adept for creating a more favourable environment for girly sperm, rather than concocting cells carrying male kernels on the cob! As a companion to the above; tomatoes ARE on the list for sure, as they’re slightly acidic and they can change the pH of your intestinal tract and lovely Yoni as well! Just by eating one serving of tomatoes per day you can increase the chances of having an effeminate wee one without having to spend unnecessary fortunes on fertilization and gender selection techniques. Gobbling up raw tomatoes IS the best, BECAUSE? You WILL benefit not only from their ability of increasing vaginal acidity, BUT (like who knew), also from their high content of vitamins and minerals. However, if you don’t like their taste and you’re not really a rabbit food menu kinda loveaaaaa; you can opt for grilled ones mixed with grilled organic chicken, avocado and olives. If all you've had is boy material, AND, really wanna to bear a little lass; this combination is ideal for women trying to stuff their beautiful bellies with THE virgin energy! There's ALSO sexy scientific proof THAT the X-TRA, X-TRA, read all about it chromosomes, like warmer temperatures and environments. SOOOOO, by having pushy pushy while taking a hot bath or shower with your partner, you can surely increase your chances for the conception of the celestial being! Sisters, brothers, listen up; I googled the shit out of this topic, AND, there's more for this sexy scoop! Will start with the Japs here. Studies, where scientists observed birth ratios, AND, set them alongside yearly temperatures from 1968 to 2012 found; that over the years, the number of baby boys born was declining compared to the number of pretty little pink ones. They also found that extreme weather events, like the very hot summer of 2010 and a very cold winter, like the one in 2011, were correlated with increased miscarriages of male fetuses; while the exquisite elegant embryos seemed to be able to withstand the disruption. Like I said before; THE STRONGER F****** SPECIE!!! Well, I've reached the end of my tidbits of tips, SOOOOO, it’s time to start acting in this purpose! AND? What is the best way to achieve this goal if you're not having LA LA as often as possible? You may find it exciting at first and tiring after a few months, BUT, remember, that nothing comes without a price so do your best to increase the chances to sow the Feminine por favor to cultivate our miraculous marble back into its sexy symmetry!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your strawberry full moon today loveaaassss!!!! oxoxoxoxoxo

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