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Polyamory On Purpose

Hey you playful, passionate, always seeking the pleasure platform of life kinda people! Before I start, I just wanna say, my Father owned and operated a construction business, and I found myself in the shop all the time because I was intrigued with Tom boy shit as a young girl. That's where the TRUCKERS MOUTH comes from lol!!! Anyway, today I wanna horse around (on purpose) with a Polyamorous Tantra lifestyle; which IS another PROGRESSIVE, sexual, sexy pulpit that HAS gained new wind recently, AND, we can HOPE to study it in a NEW light as perspectives move away from the BULLSHIT benevolent norms of the male gaze, AND, into a more balanced and inclusive point of F****** view! Polyamory, which IS repeatedly confused with Polygamy, is NOW viewed as RESPONSIBLE non-monogamy, if you can imagine that! It HAS been pinned METICULOUSLY with new scrutiny, under the watchful eye of the LGBTQ rights over the past few years, AND, is NOW seen as a sexual identity in its own right! So, in this sense, Polyamory IS the new Polygamy, BUT (biggy here), one which DOES the sexy side step away from group or multiple marriage; in the legal or traditional sense that is. So, to be Polyamorous? Keeping it VERY simple loveassss; it means to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, in the romantic sense; either physically, OR, platonically, with multiple partners. THE boundaries of these exclusive relationships seem to be the thrill here, AND, we can make this an absolute inclusive spiritual practice. When it's brought into play with the lifestyle of Tantra; we defend, AND, sustain that practice with personal integrity, AND, with sincere all due respect! This not only applies to ourselves, BUT (of course), with the others involved as well; we can straight off the sexy spot, sense when our Sacral center is being violated or disrespected. In the neighbourhood of feelings; the emotions could get a bit perplexed, BUT (as you must know), Polyamory MUST be seen as THE opportunity for the curtains to fall on ego; jealousy, comparison and F****** competition for that matter!!!! Any of you Sisters and brothers out there who are involved in a Polyamorous illicit LOVE (or whatever the hell shape you wish to draw) are encouraged by ME, to DEAL with these feelings lovingly, AND, with adamant altruism! The ONLY fly in the ointment for these relationships, could be seen to persuade toxic masculinity in heterosexual partnerships; where the masculine capitalizes on excuses to have multiple partners. This ultimately subjects the Feminine into having GOOD FOR JACK SHIT connections as a means of catching up, OR, not feeling left out, OR, cheated on! Where any gender has more masculine attributes or lopsidedness in the sexual aura, this could also bring to bear. The key here people, is to BRIDGE the horny hiatus openly about this sexy sampling and ensuring that multiple connections ARE honouring our free will, AND, that it comes FROM THE HEART each and every F******* time, or its trash for the curb!! The good news here? YOU CAN DO BOTH! My NOT so private attitude today in distinguishing these two pleasurable passages ISN'T to divide people into groups, certainly not, BUT (as always), to HELP us use the right TOOLS for the jubilant craft of sexual maturation. It's like this grasshoppers; wouldn't it be feathered brained to use a hammer to cut a F****** piece of wood, OR, a saw to drive in a Goddess damn nail? WOULD IT NOT BE judiciously insightful to refresh your memory, AND, admit that the lifestyle of Tantra and Polyamory give us different sexy silverware for relating sexually? Listen to me here my trailing tribe; WE NEED THEM BOTH AS ALLIANCES LOVEASSS!!!! AND???? When we combined the two? Sexual supremacy commands that the Ferret, AND, the romantic work together; which BTW, moil extremely well indeed! Whether it’s two energies within the same person, or two people in a couple. THE WAY of Tantra Polyamory IS immense for depth, Poly skills are towering for creating structure. Tantra helps us passage down the avenue to the Divine Feminine, AND, Polyamory actually lifts a helping hand for us to spin our big euphoric ball of life! When we're incarcerated for practicing one path as being "THE WAY", we miss out because we’re only seeing one perspective of this SACRED ENERGY. This IS utterly, with high held respect a TALL order people, AND, you can see how Polyamory IS a way of life WITHIN the lifestyle of Tantra; rather than a simple sideline. Listen up yummy ones! Embracing this particular twist of perception at the best of times in one hooked proportion CAN be quite a belly full for most of you horny handful out there anyway! So, as we ripen on the vine of sexuality as a sexy species; many more sexual platforms are appearing to us as well as all the tinges that they bring with them. Exploring, AND, most importantly, TRANSCENDING our gender duality, appears to be one of the MOST enthralling experiences US humans can muster, THEN, ultimately master; so we MUST keep an open heart by engulfing in the spirit and beautiful behavioural habits of Tantra! My last testament for today you grasshoppers of all horny meadow hurdlers! The Sisters (including myself) and brothers that I’ve met over the years, who HAVE the most successful LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lives ARE the ones who can be both ROOTED into the dusty dirt, AND spiritual connected to their sexuality. They're the ones who CAN see the value in many sexual perspectives. AND, to do that??? They've done things they're NOT used to, which can be F***** awkward, AND, uncomfortable to say the least, BUT (like I say with a blue F****** face); it's the ONLY WAY to THE highest sexually evolved, authentically wise, prudently adept, AND, NO BODY'S F******* MORTAL FOOL!!!!

Alright people; play on purpose!!!!!


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