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Drum Sex

What's up people! Tell me something; how much attention do you pay to your loveaasss heart beating when you're composing instrumental LOVE, LOVE, LOVE? Well, if you're not gravitating your amps toward your horny honey's thump pump grasshoppers; then you're missing an imperative element for internal healing! Sisters, brother; it's drum roll time in the sexy sak! Bringing in thunder tribal sounds of drums into the shrine for Shangra La, WILL help us to take notice of our own pleasure pounder. It's those pulsating throbs that keep us extant and indispensable loveaaasss! We had no other choice, BUT (it was on its way), to eavesdrop, AND, live with that recital for 9 F****** months in our Mothers' womb! Soooo, our subconscious memory craves that nourishment, safety, AND, healing protection it provided us before being steam rolled out onto this prison planet! Giving awareness to drumming beats in the background while having PUSHY, IS also extremely wholesome for getting in touch with our inner sexy selves. A deep rooted, constant rap, can create a calmness for those lingering intimate affairs; BUT, also an encouraging robustness, WILL, whirlwind your asses into full swing, for frolicking on the frenzy side of the sensual sheets! I've gone on a F****** fishing expedition here, AND, research IS NOW verifying the remedial properties of ancient rhythm techniques, WHEN YOU ATTACH THEM TO SEX! Listening to drumming during WOOOO WHOOO, accelerates physical healing, boosts your Goddess damn immune system, AND, produces those; I feel pretty damn good attitudes. Emotional sexual trauma IS released, AND, reintegration of the self IS reclaimed and reconstructed! Drum therapy IS the ancient gateway that uses rhythm for promoting restorative ownership for your sexual health, AND, self expression. From the Shamans of Mongolia to the Minianka healers of West Africa, therapeutic pulsations have been pre-owned for thousands of generations to spawn and preserve physical, mental, AND, SPIRITUAL, SEXUAL STAMINA! My Sherlock investigations have evidence exhibiting people's passive calmness, precise focusing, AND, invigorating curing claims from battering the barrels on Alzheimer's patients (So, that means you'll always REMEMBER who you're F******). Scrutiny has also included that autistic whipper snappers, emotionally disrupted minors, recovering junkie's, trauma inmates, folks in the slammer, AND, the vagabond dwellers ALL make a profit from the appraisal of the Sacred drum roll!. My additional probing into this sexy sentiment goes on to flaunt, that the concrete hauling of rhythmic energy, mingling with SEXUAL energy to the brain, harmonizes the two cerebral horny hemispheres. Well now, you don't F****** say! So, what happens when the logical port side horny hemisphere, AND, the intuitive right fifty percent start instigating vibrations in harmony during the Yoni meets lingam ceremonies? Inner guidance of INTUITIVE KNOWING can then flow like my BLUE FACE! Doing the rap didi tap during, (you know), can help people express and address emotional BULLSHIT! In-articulated consciousness, OR, remorse for a more fitting word, WILL, form energy blockages people; we CAN NOT tolerate that right now on this plate we call home! The physical stimulation of DRUM SEX removes knotted up snags and produces emotional release; NOT JUST CLEMENCY IN YOUR LOINS LOVEAASSS! When those robust beating vibrations resonate through EVERY CELL in your Goddess damn body; THE stimulation WILL discharge negative cellular CRAP retention! Drum Sex accentuates self expression; shows us the ropes on how to remodel more lively, blooming emotions, AND, zips up issues of violence and conflict! The SEX (Sacral Chakra) IS hugely affected as well here; which is located just South of your belly's beautiful button. This Chakra WILL sway your sexual organs lovelies! Great grasshoppers of knowledge; you've got the gut reaction emotions, vigorous vitality, immense fertility, glorious Goddess reproduction, AND, incomparable sexual energy, ALL in that sexy stretch! That SEX Chakra WILL remove any blank walls thinking that their authorized to hamper with these faculties. LISTEN UP PEOPLE! It IS granted, that DRUM SEX will persuade, promote, AND, procreated! I'm gonna leave you all with Brent Lewis's material which is actually called "Drum Sex". He has analyzed, played around with, AND, composed his music, designed specifically to wake the Sex Chakra the hell up once and for all! It's an excellent way for safe keeping your Sexual and clever, productive potency into your daily elbow grease of life! Be healthy, happy, AND horny of course! oxoxoxo

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