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The Yellow Brick Road To Ozma

Truth seekers! How are you all this week? Today I'm instigating a tornado; where we'll all be off to see the Wizardess; the wonderful Wizardess of Ozma! Let's dissect this legendary fairy tale shall we! It just so happens that a strong and adventurous Heroine, conveniently appeared at a time in the world, when Women were just finding their lovely voices, succeeding the repression of the domination of patriarchy of course! This fabulous flick pronounced a new epoch for the Feminine principle, to be RETRIEVED AND REVIVED from our psyche, AND, integrated BACK into our F****** civilization! Though it may appear to be a simple one for the birds; it's laden with symbols from the most ancient occult societies and mystery schools. AND, unlike the fantasies of its' day, the juvenile Heroine was NOT a meek and mild victim, BUT (without a doubt), one who transforms from a dependent people pleaser (Good Goddess no!); to one who gains an indomitable spirit and Dare Deviless attitude, while pioneering unseasoned routes in order to find HER true home! Let's uncover some psychological principles of the journey to Ozma (Female version); especially the transformational events that helped dearest Dorothy become more integrated. That yellow brick road to Ozma was actually a path to enlightenment people! What's really happening in this fable IS, that the ages pile up useless habits that lead to casehardening of reasoning; just like when wood or shells petrify for millions of years. Our old myths or notions about our selves and the world turn to stone, that is, IF we don’t continue to transform them. It appears that the unfruitful experience of Kansas, exhibits the BULLSHIT barren struggles of Dorothy (WOMAN), AND, it's about to fall away as a new paradigm is coming HER way. Dorothy’s COSMIC MISSION is to bring back a larger myth for HER society. So then, what are the requirements? A F****** shift in human consciousness, that's what! Emotions such as feelings of scarcity or discouragement NEED TO HAVE a purification of consciousness. It has been said that thoughts are things, meaning? Like daaaaa; that what you pay attention to, you become. Soooo, what IS needed here and now, ISSSS a dissolution of the subjacent consciousness, so that an unspoiled, higher scrutiny CAN make its grand appearance! Take the good Witch of the North, Glinda for instance; SHE represented Dorothy’s higher self. SHE acted as a guide, BUT, doesn't intervene until Dorothy has done all SHE can first, to overcome THE BULLSHIT! When catapulted into turmoil, unexpected assistance comes HER way. Dorothy, ultimately at the end of the day, IS blessed with the Divine protection and guidance of the (Female Wisdom & Innate Knowledge people!). Look grasshoppers, you first HAVE to consider the FACT that Dorothy, AND, the Bruja's ARE Female, led by the power of Ozma only (Female version)! AND, get this pressing point will ya! THE men in this cliffhanger are all COMING UP SHORT to some degree, be they wizards with flawed qualifications, lions deprived of determination, tin men with hearts that are inadequate, OR F******* scarecrows with SHIT for brains!!!! Sisters, brother, let me tell ya, this IS NOT incidental! The Wonderful Wizardess of Ozma, shares the adventures of the Divine FEMININE and HER male friends FOLLOWING HER, on the yellow brick road leading to the BROAD MINDEDNESS of what the hell life should be! It was a meditation on the plight for modern Women expressing to men, to get their thumbs out of their ASSES, AND, follow the Ladylike energy (as they should) in our society! In this reel, we find the common image of the variations of the WOUNDED and LOST man as the tin man misplaced his weary heart, the straw man with no backbone or friggin brain cell, AND, the gutless lion who has disowned his prowess and indignation! These characters ARE archetypes for the wounded parts of the self that result from our negative societal/life experiences. Grasshoppers! This tale is both a warning, AND, guidance for what IS the human dilemma in the healing journey, OR, the path of the yellow brick road. During this era, there was already agitation in many people, as to how their lives and how mankind was playing out their existence, with the mass industrial generation in full swing, AND, taking its toll on humanity and the Goddess damn environment! It's easy to study the law of Karma and appreciate it philosophically, BUT (as usual), to realize it, to apply it to everything that happens to you, AND, to understand the workings of it as the day goes by, requires the ability to which you must WAKE THE HELL UP! Sooooo, the promenade for Dorothy IS a journey of THE HUMAN AWAKENING, GUIDED BY THE FEMININE loveaasss!! Because of the FACT that Frank Baum was a man, I don't believe he had a deep enough understanding, (as Women do) of the ancient symbolism's embedded in his own damn work, BUT, he WAS associated with a major Eastern esoteric school of his time. He was a healer people, AND, did have the conscious awareness of the Theosophical Spiritual Practices. He F****** got it! Only thing is? He should have co-authoured with a FEMALE from the same halls of ivy! That's why I'm here lovelies; to open you the hell up! Click your horny heels people; we're on our way home! oxoxoxox

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