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The Fempire

Hello loveliessss, AND, I do consider you all definitely lovely!!! Gotta potboiler for ya today that just might raise your brows, BUT, (then again) I've created tons of wrinkles on astonished foreheads! You see, Herstorically once upon a time, men ventured out to hunt animals (meat); while the Ladies in waiting stayed behind to dust the caves, congregate and swarm the berry patch, AND?? Raise VERY F****** hairy children! This IS the story we've told ourselves for tens of thousands of Goddess damn years! This seems to explain why men THINK they rule (the UN-ruling is about to come down the F******* pike people!) the world; at the same time the soon to be REIGNING QUEENS have been consigned to being the second sex, (better labelled, physiologically unsuited for leadership of any other department of life, including insemination) IS the harpoon that has been launched since the beginning of time for our Sister's!!! Now, after more than a century of global economic revolutions, AND, a few decades of recession; it HAS become OBVIOUS that this story IS BULLSHIT, if it ever was kosher at all! Here ARE the reasons why people! The biological advantages males hold over our Chica's are NOT obligatory anymore. Ya sure, in the past physical strength mattered to serve and protect (hmmmm, sounds like the useless police force if you ask me) from predators and the likes, and later on for hard MANual labour, NOW technology trumps with amplification, human physical strength, in a way that it's no longer relevant for the task at hand. Thank Goddess to the University of Newcastle scientists, men ARE about to be no longer necessary when it comes to human replication! The team of sexy experts at this Educational Academy has achieved the triumph, AND, is NOW applying for permission to turn the bone marrow of a WOMAN into sperm (yes, you read it correctly) which, if successful ( I honestly can't see why it wouldn't be), WILL make the method more practical than with embryonic cells!!! All I have to say about this is??? It's about F****** time; stands for a much cleaner crotch when making LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, no sperm spits from intrusions of their floppy disks; you Girls know what I'm talking about!!!! What this does ISSSSS, it raises the possibility of Lesbian couples one day having children who share both their genes as little wigglers created from the bone marrow of their one and only lovely Queen Bee, AND, used to Fertilize an egg from her loveaaaaa!! Holy Shit Sister; under these circumstances? The world's Butterflies ARE definitely the better human model! They need less energy, have a longer life expectancy, AND? With this being said, they OBVIOUSLY play the much BIGGER part when it comes to mirroring a chip off the ol' block! Traits that are typically attributed to males (and are somewhat linked to testosterone) like aggressiveness are actively detrimental when we wanna build a more peaceful and prosperous society from this point on people! With less males we would probably have less conflict on our planet, sorry, BUT, (IT'S TRUE!) at least the violent kind. Since men's role in the offprint is sooooo minor, humanity could still echo at the same rate it's doing now, even if we would go down to a 10:90 split between the Gorgeous Girls and the mediocre males. As soon as somebody PULLS OFF the technology to create the sexy spore artificially, the male sex WILL have lost it's purpose. PERIOD, END OF F****** STORY! Research it, we're already a spitting distance to making designer breathing Doll faces anyway. With the applied science that IS going to be available, modifying the kings kernels to only lead to Female babies shouldn't be an Goddess damn issue. Womanly Humanity will have beaten nature's laws once and for all! Grasshoppers! I'm not advocating for KILL ALL MEN or anything like that (I like my life very much!), BUT, (was on it's way) I believe that our brothers are on a downward trajectory, AND, that a one sex (FEMALE) Human society (just like is was in the beginning of time of all times) IS a DEFINITE future sexy sequel! OK, alright, I may, BUT, (doubt it) be overstating it a bit to say that males will be irrelevant. BUT, just because they're not going to be technically needed to be tadpole donors doesn’t mean the Pretty Ones will no longer find you guys attractive, right? After all, their good for a lot more than just offspring reproduction. They've got tons to offer, right? For example, assembling a chair from Ikea, being asked to kill a poisonous insect, shoveling snow or beach sand in my future case, making meals, OR, pleasuring OUR FEMALE YONI'S!!! I think men have a bright future indeed! La, la, la, la, la. la, anyway it's the Feminine path as it should be. Facing the music and teaching our next little brothers the notes and steps to THE song, AND, dance IS THE prerequisite forward for realizing what's about to be served on the planets F****** plate! ooxoxoxox

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