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Spiritual Consent

Kissin the day to all you sexy ones out there! Still complying to the skeletal constitutional BULLSHIT, when it comes to reaching YOUR spiritual path for enlightenment? AND, does it seem just a tad rigid at times, when it DOES NOT need to be that way people?! Reaching the light of awakening by consenting to the old, dusty societal orders WON'T properly ascend human evolution grasshoppers! Today I wanna authorize a blank check for you all; for prospects relating to taking back control over ones own extensive mind, sensual body, AND, sacred spiritual consciousness, from those mortal characters and negative mind squatters who have ABUSED the law of structure on this drifting gypsy body of ours! I'm talkin about discussing the foundation of the law of spiritual consent, AND, it's CRITICAL importance, especial right now! What we hold as OUR intention in OUR personal thoughts, IS what we clench onto as OUR consent towards that musing scheme. AND? It's vibrational quality and force; AS WELL AS, the energetic ramifications of that speculating outline that's created; IMPACTS our self, AND, others for that matter! I've said this before, BUT (you knew it was coming) I'm F****** sayin it again! What we think IS what we create through Intent, consent and structure. Soooo, the sweeping score of the spirited intention that YOU put behind the accumulated thoughts OR words that have been said in the moment of THE NOW, is MORE front page news than the exact lingua franca recited to establish the preoccupied, OK GO green light, AND, the warranted upper hand! Good Goddess almighty! Due to THE FACT that most of us think our thoughts automatically, under the mind control programs, means??? We've radically given our speculative (and that's any F****** reasoning) compliance, even WITHOUT our conscious participation with the hell bent decision! Wowzer! The all embracing umbrella unfolding here loveasss; is that it's really F****** up here! This people, IS, the main factor for the NHA (negative human agenda). Human exploitation has been goin on for centuries lovelies; they've regimented our F****** psyche people! Sisters, brothers, listen up will ya! By taking away our indigenous knowledge (which IS what they've done) of our right for personal decisiveness in whatever we choose, the F****ers removed privy allowances, AND, made stupid ass laws out of them! So what the hell does this all mean? Yikes, here's come the not so sexy shit down the pike!! Basically grasshoppers, a person who has NOT CONSCIOUSLY participated with giving personal consent, AND, authority; makes choices through inhibited accumulative frequency resonance. Scary ass poop people!! This means MORE THAN EVER NOW; that disciplining and controlling our inner intuition IS extremely influential, as these innate penetrating smarts add accumulative energies so we can form industriousness, the go ahead, AND, take back our primal prerogatives made underground from the law. Wow!! The laws of intent, consent, authority and structure, are purposely hidden and manipulated by the NHA in order to control humans who are NOT AWARE of these energetic laws; nor plugged in to even gain personal power to regain control over their spiritual and energetic consciousness through the remission of these laws. This my tribe, IS how the NHA pulls out the wires on humanity! By swinging the direction of consent in the mind to vibrate on a false frequency, removing intention of thoughts and making them automatic reactions in the unconscious mind, definitely manipulates our sexy ass soul! This makes the NHA an intermediary source field (Spiritual Imposter if you will) for many unsuspecting humans who CAN NOT discern the difference between lies and deception, BULLSHIT, AND, the Goddess Gospel truth!! This my friends, highlights the caliber of choosing one's strong arm and therefore, each and everyone's unforced sanction and sexy say so EVERY DAMN DAY! We need to conquer those negative brain reflexes, AND, learn to discipline the mind from those predator mind thoughts. Sisters, brothers, all of these psycho spiritual warfare assaults against humanity and the mind, IS, only to make it challenging, OR, next to F****** impossible for us to navigate ourselves strategically, which BTW, would F*** up their agenda of manipulating the human specie. Thinking, AND, knowing are two VERY different things loveaasss! oxoxoxoxo

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