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?? Secret Female Turn Ons ??

Hey you sexy bunch of bouncing blissful believers in LOVE DRUGS! Would you see eye to eye by me saying that Sex IS the most intimate TURN ON IN LIFE that you'll ever experience? To my surprise, that was an eagle eye opener for me; having come of sexual age in the late 70’s and all. I think that somewhere in the age of free LOVE, LOVE LOVE, sex, drugs, and Jon Anderson, the connection between sex and intimate turn ons was lost. Many of us think that we can just have sex and not have it affect us right? OR, we think that it shouldn’t affect us no? Think again people; IT SURE AS HELL DOES! When you're sexual with someone, your energy stays intertwined with theirs for two F****** years or more! Lord love a F****** duck!!! This really eliminates the idea of casual sex if you take a moment to stop and think; do I really want this person’s energy in my cellular space for that long? This is a whopping question, with no straightforward disclosure. Unlike physical health, in which there are generally recognized standards, sex, AND, sexuality on the contrary IS with no doubt privy, AND, it's unquestionably diverse for everyone; when it comes to turns ons, OR, turn offs that linger in your body, mind and soul for 2 years! Since this IS such a difficult matter of contention to interpret clearly what exactly a turn on ISSSSS, I will have to say here, what THE HELL IT IS NOT! Unhealthy, OR, what I prefer to call it, DECADE, FERMENTED SEX, includes having sex for ungrounded reasons. What are those bottomless pits you ask?? Well for starters, how about trying to make someone love you, tiresomely making yourself feel beautiful, bypassing feelings of loneliness, shaking off rejection, fear of someone’s anger, OR, chickenhearted of letting another person down! All of these reasons and more tend to leave both people feeling hollow and abandoned, AND, perchance even feeling worse than they did prior to the involvement in the first Goddess damn place! I could create a F****** catalogue of declining, run down habits that go on, and on and on and on, BUT (you must know) I won't today. Remaining emotionally distant and invulnerable as well, can also cause confusion, gluing resentful aches, wounding the mind, body and spirit! Sisters, brothers! I wanna nail down vulnerability today as being permeable; worthy of being affected, AND, transparent. Grasshoppers! Part of the intensity in SEX comes from congruence! Basically being purely authentic to yourself, with the real deal of who the hell you are sexually! Now, I DO NOT mean to imply that every sexual experience has to be emotionally deep or intense. BUT, (of course) even a quickie sexual experience WILL feel destitute and isolated without your presence of patience, meshing of harmony, AND, value of vulnerability! News of the day Loveasss IS? Long and the short of it; vulnerability, AND, point blank bluntness ARE the greatest aphrodisiacs, PERIOD end of the cliffhanger! Just being valid, pushing the margins of making it known, AND, taking emotional wagers, even good natured frisky ones, make us feel (BIG ONE) unsuppressed, wanting to do handsprings, undivided enthusiasm, AND, in the process of creating concrete awareness. These my male Lovelies ARE the true turns on for Females! Superbly eminent sexual health includes being at choice, NOT making it mean, OR, being something that it's not, AND, allowing it to be what it is. Sooo, when you feel safe with (another BIG ONE) yourself, AND with the other person; it SHOULD be something like hitting the bull's eye right on! Keeping your boundaries in check means hand picking your sexual cravings, AND, knowing yourself well enough that you know when to say yep, AND, when to say no way Jose, based on knowing what IS really true or right for YOU! People, listen up here! Have you done enough WORK with your personal sexual growth? Well people, in doing so, it WILL give you enough self confidence and courage to actually F****** ask for what you want sexually, AND, precisely hit the nail on the head for that matter! Be willing to surrender and let go of control, AND, allowing someone to take care of your needs for once. For all you Girlfriends out there? If you aren’t worth his F****** time at 2pm, OR, any other interval that you desire La La; valuating his time at 2a,m IS a FEMALE turn off! Ok lovelies, it's not a conspiracy anymore! oxoxoxo

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