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Sexy Seduction Of Hallows' Eve

Hello my lovelies! Today, I'm taking a break from the seriousness of my normal scribbles to share a sexy Halloween fantasy tale of mine; just to spur your sexy asses into gear for the big event! I tried to keep it short, LOL!! This brief saga was inspired by the mysterious, mystical Lake Cote in Costa Rica; where I visited one Halloween while living in the arms of paradise. Just to spook the shit out of myself; I planned a venture to travel up to the eerie lagoon type, fresh water lake with my tent to camp for 3 witching hours during Hallows' eve, which BTW, has 3 full pumpkins nights because of longitude and latitude of that country! If I remember correctly; it was the year of 2006 in October; the first stage that I moved from the burned out beach life to the healing lake therapy. Enjoy my adventurous dream lovelies! Trinity Moran gawked at Her reflection in the mirror of Her dimly lite bathroom and poked at the bags on top of the dark circles underneath Her set of surveillance balls. With the beaming moon light on Hallows' Eve; She was staggeringly intoxicated from the energies, AND, was sure She'd stay awake once again, anticipating Her pleasure. It was definitely Her fault, not his. On that occasion he spent with Her was like a time warp, feeling like hours to Her, BUT, taking only minutes, that is, according to the clock. She was the one who forced Her eyes to stay open every night, afraid to fall asleep. Panic stricken of the attachment She’d formed with him. “It’s Halloween, the last day I can do this.” For the past thirty days, since moving into this ghostly old house on a secluded piece of land at the south tip of Cote Lake, Costa Rica; famous for UFO sightings, Her nights had been preyed upon and far too satisfying. The BIG BAD gringo from Texas, She called him. He had black eyes and a beached tanned face under that shady brown wranglers hat. His plaid shirt was only half buttoned under a leather vest, which revealed his impenetrable, manly chest. With tight jeans giving the low down of his perfect package; he came off as simply scrumptious! The boots he wore with a shiny belt buckle, displayed his masculine taste of exquisite quality. She’d never seen him in real life; BUT, She’d remembered him if She had. She’d always had a thing for BIG BAD cowboys. He’d shown up for the first time October 1. “Howdy, ma’am,” he’d drawled. “Welcome back home to your lake house.” Slowly kissing his way from Her toes to Her lips, he pleasured every inch of flesh in between. His mouth possessed Her pulsating Yoni, knowing exactly what to do to make Her hot, manic, and screaming for MORE pleasure. Then? He F***ing vanished into the dark of the Jungle! She’d awoken, feeling the wetness between Her thighs because of Her throbbing Yoni, created from the intense orgasm. With the delight of amusement on Her face, She’d gone back to sleep, promising Herself She’d remember that hot F***in dream. She didn’t have to remember; he came back the very next night. Once again, he started the exact same way, kissing, licking, and sending Her skyrocketing with his extremely cleverly proficient mouth. BUT (as you must know), he didn’t leave this time. He’d flipped Her over and use his piggin’ string to tie Her wrists above Her head. Using a length of rope that was unraveled at one end to make a homemade flogger, he’d start slowly with soft, scratching touches of the cordage on Her ass and thighs. When Her core clenched and wrenched through Her, he’d use his fingers in Her cushioned Yoni and on Her glamorous clit to bring Her to (you got it) orgasm numero dos! The next night? The first orgasm was at the pleasure of his LOVE, LOVE, LOVE muscle in his mouth. La secundo noche? It was at the mercy of his cunning fingers. BUT, that third night, after She’d caught Her breath, he’d turn Her over and stood back and gently used the leather tip of a Toro whip on the fronts of Her thighs. Her body quivered with desire as the anticipated pleasure that was about to happen drove Her insane with a sparkling release! At this moment, he’d lifted Her hips, then? Glided his unyielding manhood DEEP into Her Womanhood and the orgasm that overtook Her shot Her backward over the edge of a cliff where She free fell until landing back onto Her soft bed. Every night after that, he added another wickedly sensual ravishment. Yes my grasshoppers; HE GOT CREATIVE; AS HE SHOULD! Pleasing Her repeatedly every night until She awoke quivering, BUT, contentedly gratified. AND, being intentionally between boyfriends, BIG BAD gringo from Texas had come just at the right time indeed! She lay in bed trying to stay awake, BUT, too many nights spent denying Herself sleep to keep the BIG BAD buckaroo from Her head had caught up with Her. Seconds later, he was back for more! He was kissing his way from Her toes to Her thighs and making Her a barbarian for more! What seemed like days later, but She knew was only minutes, he’d given Her the 31st orgasm of the night, and stepping back, his clothes instantly reappearing on his body. As he started to fade, She sat up. “Wait, will I ever see you again?” “I’ll be back, Ms Moran, next October.” Why did the thought of a whole year without him panic Her? “Ma’am, you moved into my house, remember?” He stood over Her. “Now, you belong to me." "You’re my sexy little sub, AND, I’ve taken a mighty awesome shine to you.” He faded a bit. “I’ll be back tomorrow, and we'll start all over again at one.” He laughed, a dark, deep chuckle. “You best get some sleep now my little Lass; there's no starting over.” Have fun loveassss!! Be creative, AND, set your horny standards for the yearly adult play night! Be well, wise and whimsical. oxoxoxo

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