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Effeminate Moon

Hey lovelies! How was your (with hope) energetic week after THAT last extravagant 2 day heavenly Goddess body? Today's pocket size dissertation IS all about the Feminine energetic vibrations contained in Moonlight, AND, the Moon Herself! This IS the PERFECT time for the jumping off point of huddle hearings for the Divine Feminine. The naked Goddess DAMN Gospel here people? This has ALWAYS been the deeper, underlying current, flowing through all the veins of my writings. There's soooooo much written about this subject, AND, it’s a bit of a controversy minefield, WHY? BECAUSE, debates about the Divine Feminine WILL more than often turn into a Royal Curtain of Fire about Female suppression, Feminism, the patriarchy, AND, a whole F****in heap of enormous philosophical fields of reference with equally immeasurable and tumultuous Herstories; which ARE BTW engrossing, vital, AND, require the engagement of Womankind and man, TOGETHER! BUT, (guess what lovelies?) believe it or NOT, that's NOT where my nerve center takes a coffee break today people! If you DO NOT know; we ARE currently (not as much as we should be) BUT, non the less, operating from a polarity consciousness. You may have heard or read about unity consciousness as something that does exist, AND, something we WILL eventually score BIG on, or join with, BUT, right now, for the majority of our Sisters and brothers out there? Everything we perceive HAS an equally opposing force, OR, an equivalent. This means people, that lucent light of the Moon up there, IS paired with the dark, good with bad, Female with the male, Goddess with the god…. AND etc. That's one bracket, which HAS NOT been broken into much in the last few thousand years; at least NOT in this Western Civilization anyway, AND, certainly NOT as an integral part of our faith systems that's for F***in sure! BUT, (still pushing), we CAN NOT perceive one without accepting the existence of the other right? This IS (finally) welcoming an unclouded wild blue yonder for a lot of our soon to be close clan classmates right now! That spiritual stamina that the Moon reflects loveassss, holds THE SECRET FEMININE vibration! The magnetism of qualities SHE transports as receptivity, emotion, AND intuition, are just barely a few of the yearnings that man, AND I REPEAT IN PLURAL FORM HERE, MEN, have tried sooooo desperately to get their paws onto for decades! Why do you think MEN has been taxing themselves to get to the Goddess damn moon (which is another HUGE F***in hoax BTW)??? Are you F****** kidding me? Because they lack these qualities, AND, don't even F****** realize those elements of endowment ARE right in front of their F****** eyeballs right here on Her Earth! Like I've said before; NOT the smartest specie that's for sure! I just wanna clarify again, that scrutinizing on this theme is NOT intended at all to be Sermons of gender. BUT, (to no end) both Women and men contain Feminine and masculine energies; that's a givin. BUT, (as you better know) because of the beaming belts visible cycles MIRRORING the life of Women; MEANS???? We Queen's ARE the Goddess damn Celestial Satellites! Save our F******* legal tender NASA, AND, pick up the tab in our own F***in backyards will ya!!! Ya gotta give credit though, where credits due; at least they have the innate instinct to know that they're out of balance with their Feminine, AND, are reaching for HER ENLIGHTENING PHILOSOPHY by painstakingly spending decades and billions of taxpayers loot to get to Her gumption!!!! The ancients believed that the moon WAS the representative of the Triple Goddess. Her three incarnations of Maiden, Mother, and Crone WERE closely matched with the Lunar phases of new, full, and old; therefore, the complete triad of Goddesses IS symbolized in the changing face of the moon. As the moon holds within Her the TOTALITY of the Feminine experience, She IS most closely associated with the old and wise (or FEARLESS) crone. The old Woman who has lived through Her Girlhood and HAS been a Mother, AND, now contains within Her, the wisdom, AND, the experience of all the parts of a Woman’s life. Like the moon lovelies, whose phases repeat with echos; the final phase of the Supreme Specie contains the KNOWLEDGE of the others before it. THEREFORE, the moon’s connection with superstition and fear of the dark IS but a reflection of the dark old Crone who CAN crystal ball death, AND, whose Seniority makes Her both feared, AND treasured on a pedestal! The changing moon IS particularly associated with Women, BECAUSE, its regular twenty eight day cycle, soooooo closely matches the cycle of Aunt Flows visitation rights every Goddess damn month! Thirteen thousand years ago, to be precise, IS when the interdependency began to swing drastically out of balance, AND, the Divine Feminine aspect began Her decline into virtual disempowerment. What this means loveaasss, IS, that the Feminine energetic qualities I knocked around above, along with receptivity, openness, nurturing, healing, renewal, interconnectedness, intuition and wisdom, PLUS scads more, lost their potency on Earth. The human creation that continued to happen here, stumbled, using less and less of these qualities, resulting in a deficiency of THE SECRET FEMININE. This disempowerment WAS NOT caused, as countless Sisters and brother believe, by the rising and over powering effects of Masculine energies. Think about it people. The damn near wreckage of Women’s mysteries, AND, the value of intuitive and innate knowledge, the suppression of Women’s rights, the destruction of Female traditions ARE NOT outcomes created by anyone owning true power, OR, of anything that could be described as Divine. In all of this time, the masculine HAS been just as F***in disoriented as its Feminine counterpart, AND, our brothers feel it; which is why they've been instinctively looking towards HER prudence in the sky. Our Herstories are hugely complex, BUT, (like clockwork) I believe this IS a humongous part of the reason why our Gypsy's body has become so damaged, AND, why societal structures are CONTINUING to break down. We have all been living through not just an energetic imbalance, BUT, (til the cows come home) also an almost total disempowerment of BOTH energetic essences! We have forgotten how to be powerfully, Divinely Feminine, and how to be powerfully, divinely masculine. BUT, (la, la, la) remember, this IS the way THEY wanted it to be, and now things are F***IN changing lovelies! Look grasshoppers! Contemplate the world around you will ya, AND, observe the multitude of rhythmic cycles. There's the rhythmic cycle of each season merging into the next; where Winter snow melts, then the seedlings sprout, the sun beats its rays on a warm sunny day, AND, then the leaves begin to dry up and fall and float away. There's the rhythmic cycle of aging as well. The sweet and expansive nature of a baby, the ambitions of a teen and an adult, THEN? The contemplative nature of our elderly years arrive at our door steps. The Goddess of the moon IS the Divine Mother of ALL the Divinities, the ONE who controls the surface of the ocean, the cycles of the moon, AND, the affairs of Women on this blue and green massive map! She IS the Goddess of white witchcraft, healing, intuition, AND, Motherhood. She IS at Her fullest, in the third trimester of a pregnant Mademoiselle's solar plexus. She connects us with the universes power; where disease can only take hold in a Butterfly when Her Shakti is depleted and Her rhythms are out of sync with the orbited creator! Why do you think those 3 Lovely Ladies from NASA knew the ancient mathematics, AND, guided NASA shit head men to the precision for trying to get to the moon??? For one, they WERE brilliant geniuses. AND two, they WERE Women, AND, vibrating on the geometric density of THE MOON'S frequency!!! Next time guys, when Her fullness comes out to instigate you LOVE, LOVE, LOVEAASSSS in December? Look up and be forewarned. You're being surrounded, (AND CAN NOT ESCAPE), from the Ancient Feminine Wisdom from above, AND, abroad!!! Enjoy your first snow fall cycle of the year Toronto! oxoxoxoxo

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