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Sisters, brothers; do you ever feel like you're convoluted, right in the midst of your journey while navigating the course of your individual life? Ya you say? Well, there's a damn good reason why, AND, I'm gonna nourish your understanding of why the hell that is! We ARE ALL being compelled, AND, REMINDED constantly by the Spiraling Feminine Cyclone of life! Does SHE have a positive meaning for every culture? Could it be because we, on this TINY GYPSY'S VIBRATIONAL LAND MASS, that we live in an encompassing galaxy? You WILL find evidence of HER Helical, in the art of almost ALL cultures, from ancient primitive rock carvings on ALL continents, to today’s modern logos and ads. SHE shows up in Celtic art, Native American petroglyphs, Nazca Lines that can only be appreciated from the puffy ozone in Peru, Arabic architecture, Japanese rock gardens, Hindu Spiritual texts, Australian aboriginal paintings, AND, African art. Her Whorled attributes ARE the journey of life grasshoppers; representing, AND, signifying delicate balance, evolving progress, precise direction, penetrating initiation, unified centering, magnified expansion, keen awareness, kindred connections, sauntering journeys, AND, crystallize developments! IT IS an ancient symbol of the GODDESS, the WOMB, continual change, AND, the evolution of HER universe. In ancient Britain (if you can believe it or not), the Spiral SEEMS to have been associated with the FEMININE as THE DOORWAY to life! Like daaaaaaaa, I could 'av told ya that!!! Carl Jung, the famous psychiatrist, said that THE Spiral IS an archetypal symbol that represents HER cosmic force; representing personal evolution for MEN IN PARTICULAR, AND, holistic growth, letting go, allowance of surrendering, granting clemency, awareness of the ONE within the context of the whole, connectivity and union with HER cosmic energies, sexy stars, AND, a whole slew of intriguing FEMALE Wisdom's! As MEN are NOW moving into the Spiral (it's about F***in time), they're letting go of the undesired aspects of their MALE ego, AND, possessions, AND, worrying about others perceptions when they maneuver towards their core Feminine selves! EVERYONE has insights into their beliefs and behaviours on this inward journey, AND? We are ALL (better be) moving into a higher conscious space of awareness that's what! As you brothers (specifically), move back out from THE initiation, you BETTER BE growing and connecting to THE SOURCE (Feminine) energy of ALL that IS, in a LOVE, LOVE, LOVING, harmonious, AND, (key word) COLLABORATIVE way. To walk and then stand in the center of HER Spiral, OR, Labyrinth, has been a psycho Spiritual exercise for centering the consciousness FOR EONS! Some consider the Snaky semblance a symbol of the Spiritual (PATH OF THE FEMININE) journey. It IS also considered to represent the evolutionary process of wise science and expansive living! Sister, brothers; THE path of life resembles a Spiral; BECAUSE we seem to pass the same point over and over again, BUT, (took awhile) from a entirely different perspective each and every F***in time lovelies! Take a look people at this next concept. If you flatten out that Writhing Design , AND, squint forward, OR, back at yourself, it's like a damn onion. I"m talkin' about metaphysically peeling off more of the tear jerkers each time we pass the same point of departure in this corkscrew of our lifetime. It IS important that we work on clearing ALL of our layers of energy as we peel the boo whoo bands sooooooo, we don’t come back to the same BULLSHIT as often, AND, can move into higher energy vibrations at warp speed! That Dexy Scrolled Shape IS all through HER Nature, HER Universe, as well as YOUR Physical form. The voluted movement IS an almost tangible flow of energy. Take a look at when a new fiddlehead forms on a fern plant, it begins as a tightly coiled Spiral no? Then, it slowly unfurls to become a leaf, becoming ONE with the collective. That curled vortex IS seen in a nautilus seashell as well; AND, when you examine it closely, the path SHE took to create HER Tornado Symmetry IS definitely seen, right? It began at HER center, HER core, THEN, expanding to HER completion. Scientists, HAVE explored the skies with high powered telescopes and satellites forever; HARKING, AND, BEHOLDING large Spirals of galaxies and weather patterns that also begin at HER foundation, THEN, expanding from there. From a still photograph of these images you DO feel HER Movement, HER Energy, HER Expansion. The ancient tribe called the Hopi Indians lived in North America; they had a symbol for Mother Earth, (Gaia) known as the Labyrinth. As an expression of their gratitude, a remembrance of their ally to HER Sacredness in nature, they completed a Labyrinth walking meditation, of course, to honour HER. They believed this migration within the Labyrinth, interacted with their Kundalini, harnessing HER flow. Ancient Celtics went into bargain, seeing the go between of the Spiral as a symbol of a GODDESSES damn Journey; THE Path that MEN MUST FOLLOW to Spiritual Awareness! Spiral symbols HAVE more power than its form suggests loveaasss! They connect YOU to nature, galaxies, our ever Spiraling planet; even our own fingerprints carry HER unique coils of identity that are sooooo unique, there are NEVER two alike. Your life force energy (Kundalini) IS that Spiraling Sexy Stream from the base of your spine; BASICALLY? Your own internal Spiral Staircase. New, AND, ever amplifying, it's one of the OLDEST symbols of Spirituality. It's an implication for opening US up to the ascension process required, you know, that path of perception people, AND, new F***in' beginnings. The Sacred Spiral IS also THE energetic symbol, representing RAW FEMALE F***IN' ENERGY. In FACT, if you look at unpasteurized moxie under a microscope? You WILL see that that vitality forms SACRED Spiral patterns. Alright people; always cool connecting you to the REAL source of truth, so you can go forth and dig even further on your own down the rabbit hole! Enjoy your weekend! oxoxoxoxo

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