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Sexy Sinners Meditation

Shalom sexy ones! How goes the sensual safari with you all this week? What's that you say? You're losing the mirage of air castle? Grasshoppers please, EXPAND will ya! There's more to this sexy stage show than just physical bodies engaging in intimate touchy, feely. Not long ago, there was a survey disclosed in the New York Times magazine, asking married couples this million $$$ wringer. AND IT WAS? As long as you're sexually stringing it along with your significant other, do you think it's passable to envision having SEX with some other Sister or brother? There WERE more lovelies saying no to this than yes. Let me tell ya, it was neck in neck at the poles with 48% no, 46% yes, BUT, (had to slip it in) 6% too chicken shit to even answer! No cojones, no glory days people!! Simultaneously, other reviews have shown that during partnered sex, the number one fantasy IS doing "IT" with someone else. Many Queen Bee's and HER male workers expressed self reproach and shame, believing "IT" to be the moral equivalent of unfaithfulness, AND, pegging themselves as wicked sexy sinners! Listen lovelies! Great sex IS the combination of that friction, AND, utopia. Most loveaasss rejoice, AND, paint the town with the grinding part for sure. BUT, (as a trademark) uncounted numbers feel uncomfortable with their genius ball acreage of milk and honey, honey's! What a blubbering SHAME it is to feel censured about something that IS completely F***in normal, AND, healthy as sexual fantasia during whoopie! If you feel mentally unfaithful when the figment arrives in your knoggin of other loveaass during La La; you might be able to forgive yourself, that is, IF, you view pushy pushy as a special, interpersonal form of spirituality, OR, a mutual meditation if you will. In meditation, people reserve time to take an uninterrupted break from their usual enterprising hustles of the Goddess damn day. They take a load off quietly, breath deeply, empty their beaners of conscious bullshit, and replay a simple word, phrase, OR, activity (which is a mantra) over and over again. A while later, they spring up feeling refreshed and replenished. BUT, (of course) unburdening the mind is NOT an easy task to do. Random rationalizing darts in and out of consciousness. Meditation mentors preach the acceptance of these thoughts without judging them, no matter what the hell the content is! Spiritual scholars say that your musings during meditation are NO reflection on you whatsoever. Brain work IS simply there, like dreams. You're not responsible for them. Just observe them, THEN, let them go as you gently retreat into your mantra. Joining in the Sacred Sexual Union IS surprisingly kindred! Sisters, brothers, mutually reserve time to take an uninterrupted break from the rest of your busy lives. Inhale passionately, relax, and transcend your individual bodies to feel movingly connected with your partner. Afterward, you'll emerge refreshed and playfully placid! Don't sit quietly during LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sessions; instead, substitute sensual explorations for the minds mantra. Treat sex as a meditation, AND, an opportunity to be that sexy sinner! During the appetizing tasty treats, it might be nice to empty your thinker of all thoughts other than those of your loveaaaa. BUT, (as if) that IS usually impervious to do. Other ponderings almost inevitably intrude; not to mention illusions of other admirers, flick scarlet's, old blazing bullets, new acquaintances, OR, anyone for that matter. You might also have bubble bows of fringe activities like group pleasure participation, pushy in public, or sexually dominating, OR, throw in the F***in towel and succumb to a loveaaaaa period! Sisters, brothers, just like in meditation, ACCEPT your sexual hallucinations without trying to decode them will ya! They're NOT a reflection on your morality, faithfulness, OR, your mental greenery for that matter. In paradises creativity, as in meditation, ALL, and I mean every F***in thing IS permitted and NOTHING is wrong! BUT, (pay attention here). The ONLY time wanton cinema might signal a problem IS if you consistently fancy the idea about making LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with one specific other person, AND, taking steps to materialize it. That IS an unclouded day of reckoning grasshoppers, that your not so sexy ass relationship IS up shits creek with no F***in paddles! Look you horny bunch; I'm not talkin about fallin in LOVE with someone else. I'm only concerned with true daydreaming, the strange, marvelous, weird, impossible fleeting notions that occupy the mind for a moment during SEX, then go their merry ass way afterwards. Accepting ones sexual fantasies, allows for greater relaxation during the grand event! The leisure of loosening up IS key to sexual fulfillment don't cha know! Feeling guilty about sexual delusions causes anxiety and emotional stress, which pokes in that busybody nose, hindering with erotic pleasure! Gotta love Rodney Dangerfield when he was around. One of my favourite cackles was the story he told of making LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with his Doll face. So, like they're going at it, BUT, something wasn't just right. Neither of them felt all that aroused. Then, finally, Dangerfield asks his better half. "What's the matter? Can't you think of anyone either?" Alright people, don't run scared of that sexy scamp! oxooxoxo

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