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Somewhere Under The Rainbow

Hey you horny bunch! Would you agree that most Sisters and bro's out there peg free LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and hippies to be a bit of a cliché now? Well, let me just say, surprisingly enough; there's A LOT more crusaders than you may think, picnicking under the Rainbow, where they're finding sooooo much LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that it's NEVER really sexual anymore. Sooooo, what IS the Rainbow anyway? It's a yearly event (different dates for different countries) of hugging a whole crowd of like minded grasshoppers every Goddess damn day; sharing the moments when you eat, when you wash, when you work on site within the tribe, OR, Goddess; maybe even when you shit! Seriously, the lack of privacy sometimes nourishes the affairs of the heart, fertilizing it to FLOURISH in the assembly! Some lovelies bend the throttle sooooo far within the sexy acquisition of affairs; that they hightail themselves to new found thermals in their blood plumber, realizing that sex IS just too earthy of a passion to be consummated. Those feelings of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE they experience are too universal to be channeled into a single encounter. This particular jubilee CAN prove to be torturous for some of those who are feeling horny as a hummingbird! Like ya think? Listen, with nude bodies everywhere, hugs and kisses at every turn; it CAN be like a case of water; meaning, water far and wide, BUT, (teehee) not a drop to drink! Of course there IS sex under the band of hues functions, just NOT as much as you might envision. Cold nights and rainy days, for instance, WILL send everyone retreating into their necessary celibate sleeping bags. There's also the lack of personal hygiene that SOME people unfortunately exhibit, which WILL also dampen the F***IN mood! BUT (on a positive note), all in all, the passion powwow IS such an intrinsically transient place, that there IS the chance for some romantic encounters with NO strings attached. What it requires ISSSS, tuning into a new wavelength, AND, adapting to a virgin set of social protocols and courtships. Tricky, for most coming from a CONDITIONED SYSTEM! Lately, I’ve talked with a lot of Women and men, from my generation anyway; who HAVE indicated their qualm at NOT having been born 10 years earlier to enjoy the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE on the house of the 60’s. An era that WAS definitely liberated by THE PILL, AND, a revolution of sexual attitudes and values. By most accounts, it really WAS an easy time to get F***IN laid that's free from doubt! BUT, (of course) however, that all changed with the arrival of AIDS, AND, abruptly? Sex was NO LONGER a casual pleasure, BUT, (as my rule) biologically threatened with potentially fatal consequences. DOUBLE YIKES! Under a storm of public health warnings and media PANIC, the emphasis shifted to safe sex; sex without risks, AND, sex under controlled circumstances. In a short elbowroom of time, the waves of bureaucracy's BULLSHIT propaganda infiltrated THE MOST intimate, vulnerable adventure two people could EVER embark upon! No longer was sex fun, OR, a fundamental expression of one’s own identity. NOW, it HAD become a risky enterprise; a game of chance where individuals played with their lives in the pursuit of pleasure. In spite of all that as it may; under the Rainbow roundup, there IS just a natural tendency to forget about the outside world and enjoy the moment. Many loveaaass taking this holiday DO (as they should) use condoms, BUT, (once more) there’s nowhere to buy those overcoats, AND, somehow, after an evening of singing sexy songs about Goddesses and Eternity by the fire, gazing up at the stars, AND, tuning into each others aura, WELL, it hardly seems to be the moment to bring up the possibility of catching THE FLEW, SOOOOO, BRING THE PONCHOS ALONG LOVELIES!! By the same token; as people explore all kinds of personal, social and spiritual frontiers under the throng, their attitudes towards sexuality sometimes become more flexible, too. Younger, BUT, (indeed) Women OF AGE arriving to the crescent of colours for the first time WILL be particularly vulnerable; overwhelmed by the LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the harmony, AND, the colourful cast of arc characters so clearly in their element. It IS time and again, easy for them to bowled over by an older brother with dreadlocks, his guitar, WITH, a charismatic personality; DEFINITELY MY WEAKEST HOUR! Riding those waves of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, and celebrating life AS IT IS, with this kindred association; Sisters and brothers find that they often don't really have much in common under other prospects outside of the Rainbow, BUT, (like clockwork), rejoice in similarities never thought to be realized otherwise! Romantic encounters under the tie dyed ribbons of rapture, may NOT usually have much future anyway, BUT, (as a matter of course) there's NO denying their magic that's for sure. Maybe you might meet someone dancing around the fire one night, flames lighting up their face. Or? Perhaps singing the bhajans in a cozy ti pi with the rain pattering on the canvas outside. Then, you jaunt off to make LA LA in a forest glade with a stream playing the background music. Perhaps you'll be grabbin your sheepskin to go make your bedroom on the top of a moonlight hill; true Queen's and king's of HER dust! Just like that people, sexy swarms at the junction demonstrates that nature IS NOT necessarily an aphrodisiac. The fact that there ARE different sexual protocols in this turnout of events; Sisters and brothers who touch each other as first timers can be left quite confused, rationalizing by saying to themselves, "was that just a hug or should I be diggin deeper?" Listen, for those of you looking for some LA, LA, LOVE on the cuff, this pleasure prism helps to give you some kind of way to STAND OUT with your personal distinction. Collections within the colourful convention range from spiritualistic musicians, Divine dancers bewitching their fair share of absorption, those who take the helm in the galley, the influence of facilitators in workshops, AND, announcement lightening bolts. Whatever your discipline IS gonna be; harness the involvement, AND, make your debut REVOLUTIONARY! Moroccan gathering February 11th to March 12th 2018. Be there!!! oxoxoxo

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