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Quantum Sex

Hey grasshoppers! As a peaceful remembrancer; this IS the year for emotional ascension, AND, periodically ALL year I WILL be inserting my thesis on this 3rd degree; just to make sure you're ALL on the right path! In our ohhh sooo troubled world, sex WILL bring emotional healing to us all, accept!!! It's a tool you'd better be storing in your utensil draw for profound intense mending! Listen people, sex IS at the beginning, AND, at the end of who the hell we are! Each and everyone of us ARE the most sexiest sage spin offs of that human sexual act, AND, the more we learn about our fragile, erotic selves, the more obvious it is that this IS the centre around which our Goddess damn lives orbit; whether we're vigilant of it or not. It's like this lovelies. After our basic survival kit has been sent home and utilize by nourishing our bodies with food, drink, AND, sawin a few logs daily; the next thing we are IS sexual (BUT, not necessarily in that order either). Peering through our cultural lens, we see this in the multi billion dollar advertising industry, which BTW, continuously employs blatant over sexualized messages to sell everything about F***IN sex, BUT, (you knew it was coming) nothing else other than the act of it!!! And, at the same time, we've become a technology driven culture that has all, BUT, divorced sexuality from intimacy, while still insisting that sexual education has no place in our F***IN schools! Like, are you damn well kiddin me?? Sexual confusion and ignorance IS amplified into terror as we look around our Gypsy's bodily journey through space. WE ALL know it's not unheard of for young Women to be bargained for, swapped in a trade, despoiled, having forced penetration, gagged by suppression, covered from head to toe, AND, even F***IN even taken for a ride and knocked off; ALL IN THE NAME OF sexual ignorance, degradation and F***IN fear. This, my Sisters and brothers, IS the tragedy of our collective human sexual pain; something we ALL bear TOGETHER as a Goddess damn race, AND, don't you EVER forget it! None of us escapes unscathed by the trauma that IS too often synonymous with our sexual souls. If WE tell a TRUE story about this mysterious part of ourselves; it WILL be the open door to healing what I believe IS the most broken thing about living on this, at times, daunting dirt ditch of ours. LOVEAAASSS! By rectifying our relationship to our core erotic identity and chaperoning it from humiliation WILL only happen from the inside out! Harbouring ourselves without simultaneously nurturing our own selves, just hardens the hell out of us, making the wounded places impenetrable. This IS, BTW, an all too familiar result of naming, BUT, (once again) not healing our injuries. Nurturing and comforting ourselves sexually resembles a childlike curiosity. All of the perplexities and bewilderment's we had when we first discovered pleasurable sensations IS still alive in ALL of us! Reawakening to our capacity to FEEL again, happens when we stop paying attention with our thinking minds and focus instead on our sensory capacity. Besides the fact of the most obvious reasons to invite and cultivate a pleasure response of how good it feels; there are hundreds of medical studies that ADD FUEL to the fire, of the multi layered impact of a healthy sexual response to every other Goddess damn aspect of our well being. Period, end of you know what story! BUT, (tee hee) even more compelling? When each one of us breaks the chains of sexual trauma, our intention and freedom shakes the archaic structures that have bound our humanity for wayyyyyyy too long. Individual sexual healing is magnified in ways that are hard to explain; except to note that it so completely changes your relationship to life, AND, that life itself revolutionizes. Sooooo dare yourself lovelies, for the good of us ALL, to begin your curing campaign here and F***IN now, where your work carries the miraculous capacity to rehabilitate us ALL to get back up on our horny hooves again! Can a regular person tap into the healing of Quantum Sex? AND, if so, what happens when this super powerful force is accessed? Of course you damn well can! ANYONE CAN, considering each of us are part of the All! You just need to access the universal mind to a greater degree, which WILL change your life in many miraculous ways! In doing so, you'll feel more connected to ALL living things. Your memory WILL be enhanced, AND, those youthful learning abilities WILL be rediscovered. A passage to life solutions WILL open up, AND, a well tuned life navigational system WILL introduce itself to you. PROFOUND levels of creativity WILL come harpooning to your doorstep. You'll be able to easily understand, AND, root out all UNNATURAL fear. Super lucid clarity of thought, AND, more success in all your life endeavors will appear out of F***IN no Woman's land! How can you access these wonderful benefits? Well my horniest handful of followers. This IS done by accessing your subconscious mind of course, where this inexhaustible power dwells and takes up residency!

What then, IS the secret to accessing the quantum subconscious mind? Like daaaaaaaa, my face is blue again. MEDITATION PEOPLE!!!! Conjugating in the Sacred Union ONLY for healing purposes IS for those Sisters and brothers who ARE ready to journey beyond the normal confines of the mind and emotions; to explore the expansive states of consciousness, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, AND, sex. Quantum Sex WILL provide the world with a NEW energy source, solve TONS of our current unresolved scientific mysteries of life, AND, prove empirically the cosmic purpose of LOVE, LOVE LOVE, intimate relationships, AND, SEX!!! Listen up loveaaasss! Through Quantum Sex some couples WILL even CONSCIOUSLY CONCEIVE advanced souls who WILL nourish, AND, raise the collective consciousness for the following generations on this Goddess damn sublunary world of ours! WE WANT THIS GRASSHOPPERS!!! Now get to work will ya's! Enjoy your weekend ooxoxoxox

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