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Feminine Witch Or Warlock

What's up grasshoppers! How the hell are you all this week anyway? Tell me something lovelies; do you suppose Women have more susceptibility to discernment than our brothers out there? Well, you must know of course, Women in our society traditionally have been given plenty of rope to be innervation oriented that's a FOR SURE; BUT, (like clockwork) the term Women’s intuition indicates our cultural bias toward allowing the possibility of metaphysical abilities for Women. BUT, (slippin it in again) on the contrary; nowadays, professional Women tend to be increasingly TRAINED OUT of their telepathic sensitivities. They're NOT encouraged to give their sermons openly about their nose in front of their face, preconceived clues, OR, any other similar analytic impressions for that matter! In the business stompin grounds, AND, other conventional male, dictated dick fields, the un-sexiness of sanity, rationalization, and inquisitive explanations ARE more respected than inheritant feelings or emotional instincts. SOME (BUT, not enough) of our brothers DO indeed have flashes of psychic bone reactions, BUT, (who the hell knew) usually they WILL NOT present an idea as a "I gotta a funny feeling." The Regent Specie who's entering the business and professional world encounters the same type of spiritual suppression. On the other hand of things; despite the traditional manliness of corporate culture; uncounted business executives SECRETLY believe in the value of unfleshy, telepathic influence on the job from WOMEN!!!! Another part and parcel sweetening the kitty to our Doll Faces being more perceptive oriented, ISSSS; the experience of pregnancy and Motherhood. These, LIKE DAAAA, give our Sister's a unique opportunity to bond transparently with another soul they can't even communicate with physically yet. Sooooo, as a healthy harvest? They ARE more aware of clairvoyant rhythms. Fathers, who are closely involved in fostering their children CAN benefit in the same way. Realistically however, Lady Bugs tend to be closer to their bambinos since they carry them around for 9 F***IN months! BUT, (to no end) both sexes CAN reach an equal level of intellectual mystic potential, with the competent grounding and brainy, responsive understanding; BY WORKING TOGETHER WITH THE WITCH AND WARLOCK! Guys, IF you decide to MUSCLE THE TASK (which you damn well better) and develop in this area of your life; will you Witch hunt, OR warlock your council? DO YOU THINK you'll have a specific preference towards your board of assembly? Many people think that a Female congress IS sharpened finer than male delegates. Whyyyyyyyy is THIS so? Well, if I may add a parable here; if we nose around with mythology, we WILL find prevalent incidences where Female mystic sexy savants ARE the good Fairies with indications; bringing forth the traces of your footprints that reroute you back onto your path forward. Herstory has mentioned them! Male angels ARE less, comparatively. Even if you check modern Swami guides today, you WILL realize that there are MORE Lovely Lass charismatics, OR, (psychics) compared to the lower specie. Why, why, why again I ask? Because loveaaasss! It's like this! Take a look into our traditional society people; men were always the bread earner and the Queen Bee's were supposed to sit at home; sound familiar? The masculine member of the tribe never had time to look after his hidden spiritual prowess's. The Exquisite Empresses on the other side of the fence, CAN do all these things, BECAUSE? They were supposed to sit at home and look after the dynasty. Our blessed Baronesses simply had MORE time than Goddess to REFINE their spiritual crafts. BUT, (tee hee) there ARE exponents from Herstory and mythology that in the 14th century, tarot cards were the game played by kings. Yikes!! This my horny hummingbirds, shows that after civilization took place; slowwwwwwly man STARTED (lo an behold) taking an interest in occult renditions. Listen up, if we go by expert views? There's quite a MAJOR difference between THE esoteric aptitude of a Woman's, and male's innate knowledge. Like double daaaa, I could have told ya's that, BUT, (as a matter of course) I just did! The difference ISSSSSSS, Women DO interact more exceedingly than men; on a PROFOUND level that is. Most people also believe that we Chicas also can think in an emotional capacity, WITHOUT OMISSION! This IS considered THE intrinsic nature of the Butterfly currency, AND, of course, it's easier for us Sister's to develop that sixth sense. For you dudes; it's undemanding to tell your little pickles in a sauce to a She, rather than a he, BUT, (consistently) for the Divine Duchesses? It IS difficult to partage their bullshit headaches with men. If we do a little analysis of today’s generation towards Female and male knowledge guru's, then we WILL come to the conclusion of this eternal problem. Would you tend to say that It's a given that most brothers are interested in their career and finances compared to their deep rooted secluded dilemmas? From my experience, they seem to always start their powwow speeches with their orbiting coordinates, right? Sooooo, for this pillow talk, they don't mind male panels, BUT, (for the sake of butting in) for their sexy secret conferences, men elevate towards Divine Doves, BECAUSE, they want to examine their obstacles so they can know more about forming a solution, AND, they feel that THE FEMININE point of view IS influential in their personal debates. As far as the Supreme Specie of today is concerned? Well my dear followers, they are (believe it or not) MORE into personal matters than their liberated course of progress, AND, financial matters; pegging male soothsayers LESS sensitive towards affairs of the puzzlers!

Where's the missile flying off to today lovely ones? Are you kiddin me???? To the same F***IN intentional target I've always aimed for. Seek out and follow the luminous foresight, quiet practicality, and prudent sagacity of THE FEMININE WITCH!

Please, be kind to one another!


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