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Sexiness of Sinewy

Good Goddess day to all you grasshoppers! So, have you been maintaining that energetic, unyielding activity with your Divinely durable tree trunks lovelies? You're slippin you say? What's going on people!! Sisters, brother, get with the program with the sexiness of sinewy! Although I've only been disciplining my muscle training for a couple years now, I STRONGLY stand by it. Why? Because hoisting the goose IS beneficial, NOT just for you brothers out there, BUT, (til the cows return) you Girlfriends of ALL ages NEED to drill your maidens meaty muffins! Nothing grinds my gears more than when people say that Women should NOT lift weights because they'll get too bulky, look like a dude, OR, it's unattractive. On the contrary loveaasss! Since when is being strong revoltingly gross? Firm, AND, fine grained IS hot, healthy, AND F***IN sexy! Listen up here you soon to be horny hummingbirds of the sky; from a purely scientific perspective? Goddesses are NOT physically capable of getting bulky by heaving the heavy loads you know. On average, our Lady Lovey Doves have about 20% less testosterone than you guys out there. Sooooo, this means no matter how much WE haul ass, we're NOT gonna instantly become the Female Hulk by pickin up a few dumbbells or using the sexy squat pole. In reality? Steppin up to the barbells IS the pivotal to sculpturing the enamel of your beautiful bodies Butterflies! And the profitable assets are??? Mighty Mama's radiate confidence of course! Playin with poundage IS all about pushing yourself to the limit; mind over matter (if you don't have a mind, it doesn't matter). That confidence IS the sexiest quality a Women can possess! Pumping iron, along with throwin your weight around in the gym with poise, WILL carry over to ALL aspects of your life. Trust me on this one; it's workin for me Sisters! There's that saying, if you can crush it at the sweat stadium, you can vanguard those unnecessary situations in life to the guillotine!! There's a ton of Tootsie's out there who presume that bouncin around on the treadmill for a long period of time is the only way to lose weight. Hogwash!!! Forget that boring dreadmill and head on over to the loaded down area. Let me tell ya lovelies; lifting HAS a direct reflect on shrinkin off that beef. The more muscles a Queen Bee has, the more calories She'll set a match to while resting. Basically loveaassss, muscles WILL speed up your metabolism, resulting in a more effective outlet to loss the paunch! Take it from me; I've turned up the octave level with my tonnage torque since I've returned from Costa Rica in January, AND, have gone from 123lbs to 118lbs. Now, that may not seem like a big F***IN deal in 3 weeks, BUT, (to no end) that's 5 Goddess damn pounds of whale meat vanished from my exquisite figure! Hauling your behind remarkably ALSO upgrades your quality of sleep. It gives you a helping hand to go to the celestial cosmos quit happy snappy I must say. You'll drift deeper into the universe, AND, you'll wake up less often during the witching hours. Monarch Butterfly muscle training IS one of the easiest ways to relieve that dreaded daily stress. Annoyance like the "S" word impacts a gazillion parts of your anatomy; from your Einstein right down to your Love, Love, Love pump. Feeling the strain of burden from working too much? Is that urgent project making you wanna hit your head against the F***IN brick wall? Well then, get your little paws on some hefty loads of G-factor; you'll see how much better you instantly feel! Plus, you'll have the body of sinewy afterwards also! For the sexy Sultana's who are too chicken stricken to lift weights; know this, you're NOT alone; I WAS once spooked as well. It's soooooo worth it to overcome your naive jitters and go after this goal Sister's! Ignore the stereotypes about raising the bar (literally). That sexy crossbar WON'T make you burlie, appearing like a jock, OR, disfigured. I'm givin ALL you Duchesses the green light to go ahead and give the iron rack a try. You really have everything to lose (blubber), BUT, (as a final note) definitely gaining the rubber stamp of empowerment. Strong is sexy! Alright my lovely ones. This IS all about the refinement of the Feminine physique don'tcha know. The more moxie in all areas of our Girlfriends lives, the healthier this planet will ripen into! Love, Love, Love your weekend! oxoxoxo

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